Your Police Blotter for Cornwall Ontario and area – April 29, 2011

Cornwall ON – Here is your police blotter for Cornwall Ontario and the area for Friday April 29, 2011.


Cornwall, Ont. – The Cornwall Community Police Service is investigating a sexual assault which occurred on Third Street East on April 28th at approximately 09:00 p.m.  It is alleged that the male grabbed a young female from behind at which time she screamed which scared him away. The suspect is described as being within 20 and 40 years of age, 5’4”, larger build, wearing running shoes and a black “hoodie” which he wore over his head.  If you have any information, please contact D/Cst. M. Fortin at (613) 933-5000, ext.  2722.


Cornwall, Ont. – Kennedy Andrew Benedict, 23, of Akwesasne turned himself in to police on the 28th of April, 2011.  It is alleged that he failed to attend court on the 26th of April and a warrant was in force.  He was held in custody until court.




Cornwall, Ont. – A 22 year-old Cornwall male was arrested on the 28th of April, 2011 for breaching his conditions.  He was bound by a Recognizance Order with a condition to Not associate or communicate directly or indirectly with his ex-common law spouse and their children or to be within 200 meters of them.  On the offence date, it is alleged that he was in the company of his children through a third party.  It is also alleged that he communicated with his ex-common law spouse by way of text messaging and later had face-to-face contact with her.  Police were contacted and an investigation commenced.  As a result of the investigation, the male is facing 3 counts of Breach of Recognizance and 1 count of Criminal Harassment.  He was held in custody until court the following day.  His name is not being released as it may identify the victims in this incident.




Cornwall, Ont. – A 20 year-old Cornwall female was arrested in the early hours of April 29th, 2011 following a domestic disturbance investigation.  It is alleged that during an argument with her 42 year-old common law spouse, she struck him causing bruising over an eye.  He did not require medical attention at the time of the incident.  Police were contacted and an investigation resulted in the female facing 1 count of Assault.  She was held in custody until court the following day.  Her name is not being released as it may identify the victim in this incident.


Cornwall, Ont. – The Cornwall Community Police Service’s Traffic Action Plan for the month of May will consist of targeted enforcement on road safety.  This includes all areas of safety including speeding, seatbelt violations, and impaired drivers, aggressive and distracted drivers.  This further encompasses turns and traffic light violations.  During the week of May 16th to the 23rd inclusive is “Canada Road Safety Week” whereby all Canadian police agencies will be collectively enforcing these types of violations. There will be zero-tolerance in regards to an offence in which the public safety is of concern.


Traffic laws are in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.  A failure to abide by traffic laws can result in a minimum $110.00 fine or possible criminal charges.  Don’t forget you may also face higher insurance rates and potentially be held civilly liable.


The Cornwall Community Police Service is committed to its’ vision:  “A safer Cornwall, reducing crime always”.

All-Terrain Vehicles Only Allowed On Certain Roads

Operators Needs to Check Before They Go
With the warmer weather arriving, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) will hit the trails and operators need to follow the rules:
Rules to Remember:

  1. Always wear an approved helmet.
  2. Never operate any vehicle when consuming alcohol.
  3. Read the instruction manual and follow manufacturer’s recommendations, i.e. Obey warning labels and stickers on the ATV.
  4. Check with the local municipal office or police service to ensure what roads are approved.

(Generally Off-Road Vehicles are prohibited on maintained roads unless the Province or Municipality have legislation approving the use of ATVs on specific roads. It is the responsibility of the operators to find out which roads are approved.)

  1. Parents should remember that ATVs are not toys and can be dangerous. Children should only use an ATV after having received proper instruction and under direct supervision. Children should only operate an ATV that is appropriate and rated for their age.
  2. Make sure your Off Road Vehicle is registered, plated and insured.

Other rules that apply to ATV operators driving on approved roads are:

        The ATV must be designed for the driver only – passengers are not allowed.

        Speed Limits:

      • the speed limit for an ATV is 50 kilometres per hour (kph) where the speed for cars is over 50 kph and
      • 20 kph for ATV’s where the speed for cars is 50 kph or less

        Head lights and tail lights must be on at all times.

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