Letter to the Editor – Stéphane Groulx of Cornwall Ontario on Mario Leclerc & Jack Layton’s Strong Campaign

I would like to take the time to say that Mario Leclerc ran a hard, strong campaign and I am proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside Mario at the grassroots level here in Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry.

I will not forget the lessons I’ve learned, and the experiences I have gained during this campaign. I look forward to continued work with the NDP here in my hometown and wherever I end up residing depending on what my future holds.

Each and every New Democrat should be proud to have been a part of our best showing in Canadian history and although such gains are bitter-sweet in a Conservative majority, I am confident that as Official opposition we’ll be able to keep the government in check and working in the best interests of all Canadians; not just the 40% of those that voted for them.  Hopefully the Conservatives will not push a hard-right agenda out of respect to the roughly 60% of those who did not cast a ballot for the Conservative party.
At the local level a congratulations goes out to Mr. Lauzon, although I strongly disagree with your politics, the residents here in SD&SG have spoken. Please work in the best interests of all of your constituents, including those like myself who casted a ballot for a candidate of another party. Best wishes and good luck to you, may we all hold you accountable for your actions in the House of Commons.

Stéphane Groulx – Cornwall Ontario

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James Moak



  1. Mr. Harper has waited through 3 elections to secure his majority status, which the people of Canada have given him – It would be nieve on your part to think that he will not be pressing HIS agenda over the next four years, and not Jack Laytons – The people of Canada, after watching him for the past 5 years, have given him a mandate to govern, and I would expect that he will do exactly that – I assume he will start with the same budget that he was forced to hold up last spring because the Liberals, Dippers and Blockheads had announced they would not support – the people of Canada have now told him to go ahead – they have faith in him and want a fiscally conservative return for their buck! which he will supply.
    As for our member Guy Lauzon, this is his fourth straight win with 62% overall, which is 5% more than he generated last election…a super endorsement from the people of Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry…Guy’s are guy – figures don’t lie.

  2. Guy ARE not our guy – He is definately not my guy and I will refuse to congratulate or wish him well until he finally does something positive for ALL the people of this riding, especially for our farmers, youth and poorer citizens. His inaction in the past has worried me (a former conservative) so I expect this tradition to continue. I could not see on Monday, how so many people could still vote Conservative, just to avoid another election that the Tories want us to believe they did not want (lol) and listening to Harper’s fear-mongering. If there is a Canada or Democracy left in four years I hope I dont have to remind voters I told you so Harper and his platform and stooge MP’s are bad for Canada and next time that they follow what Quebec did and try to give Jack a turn at the top job. Mario and his team did a fantastic job locally for their first time trying for David to slay Goliath. NDP grew in this riding and should be proud of their effort. Cornwall /SDSG once again proved they are not ready for change good or bad but the NDP’s time is coming. Maybe in October.

  3. Dream on Gary….

  4. If the Ndp would have become a majority government, they would bring Canada into bankrupcy, how does Jack Layton get subsidized housing, the starting salary of an mp is $157000, so his salary must be above that amount, subsidized housing is a program for the low income.

  5. Figures don’t lie but they do not always give a fair impression, for example, it was 40% of the 61.4% that bothered to vote, and 30% of the 61.4% for the NDP that shaped the country.

    I admire the serious candidates that want to make their country better, thank you.

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