Tim Hudak On Smart Meters for Electricity in Ontario – May 5, 2011

Tim Hudak On Smart Meters for Electricity in Ontario – May 5, 2011

Queen’s Park ON – Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak said Ontario families want change from constant nickel and diming – and end  mandatory smart meter tax machines – that are stretching the family budget to the limit and running up bills for small businesses.


At a time when hydro bills continue to soar, hydro rates have increased a whopping 150 percent for families with a so-called smart meter. Hydro companies have even begun a Smart Meter tax revolt to protect their customers. Records with the Ontario Energy Board reveal that 28 hydro companies – over one third of Ontario’s local energy distributors – have applied to push back the deadline to switch on their smart meter tax machines.

“I just think that these time-of-use smart meters are nothing more than tax machines to suck even more money out of our wallets and that’s why I’ve said as Premier, I would unplug this mandatory smart meter program and give every family a choice of what works for them.”

“We would eliminate the mandatory time-of-use smart meter program. We would allow families to have a flat rate just like many do today and if you want to opt-in to time-of-use that will actually work for you, then you can do that, but not every family is the same. Not every family can have all the kids showered, fed and ready for school before 7 am, not every senior citizen is going to get up at night to do the laundry.”

So my fellow Ontarians?  Do you agree with Mr. Hudak? You can post your comments below and vote in our Poll.

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