Of Demagogues & Hypocrites – Attacks on New NDP MP’s and Bell vs Sun Round 2 – Monday Morning dribbles – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – May 9, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – As I watch the headlines pass by on Twitter and read my daily round of media I’m astounded by the sour grapes attacking of the new rookie NDP MP’s.

Astounded that this would be such a huge topic to write about.   Currently the target du jour is Ruth Ellen Brousseau.

Ms Brousseau allowed her name to be put up for a riding that mostly not even the NDP expected to win at the time that her name was put up.

This practice isn’t unusual.   Sorta like Conservatives putting up Arab candidates in primarily Jewish ridings as few as those that exist in Canada.  (Now if you want something to just take pot shots at!)

You would think that war crimes had been committed if you read some of the rhetoric being bandied about.     In a way it’s quite refreshing that a large group of mostly young Canadians will have an opportunity to have some impact on how this country is run.


1.a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gainspower and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, andprejudices of the people. (courtesy dictionary.com)


What it mostly says to me though is that our system is based on leadership and branding.   People in Ms Brousseau’s riding didn’t vote for her; they didn’t even know who she was.  They voted for the leadership offered by Jack Layton and they voted for the NDP most likely because of the message that party resonated during the campaign and I’m sure for many they simply didn’t want to support the Conservatives or Liberals, but didn’t feel that they wanted to support a Separatist party either.

I think that’s something that all political parties should consider heading forward in this new age of lightning fast communication; at least until the Harper government lets the CRTC shaft us and big ISP’s to gouge us for internet services….

Good on them; good on Canada, and good for the people of that riding who in the end will probably get better results than voting in the same old same old hand picked party candidate.


Sun News is complaining to the government about Bell blocking them from being carried.    Somehow this makes me smile and feel better; not because I don’t like the Sun chain or like Bell, but in my market I’ve felt the brunt of similar behavior from our local Corus chain that likes to bully events and organizations into giving them unfair advantages and exclusivity; usually at the community’s expense.

I’ve have no problems with hard competition and scrapping it out with the big boys.   As essentially a tiny operation with only a handful of contributors I’m very proud that we’ve been able to become number one online in this market in spite of the heavy competition including Corus, the Sun owned Daily, and two other media chains that have well staffed and resourced media outlets.

I hope that Sun wins this one; not because we need Fox News North, or more Conservative rhetoric jammed down our throats, but perhaps, just perhaps, this could lead to advances in the way media bullying goes on in different parts of our country.


You know you’re doing a good job when you get not one, but two media chains asking if you’d consider selling your independent news outlet and coming to work for them in the same week!    It’s an amazing honour and achievement.


The new proposed WSIB regs regarding payment for owners of businesses who can’t even collect if needed is just a huge fat money grab.   Our leaders have to understand that if you take away the realistic chance of small business then you better have good jobs for people.    We need government to 100% eliminate red tape for small businesses until they reach the stage where they can be self-sufficient, and survive.

What do you think Canada? You can post your comments below.

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James Moak


  1. The anomaly of the NDP Quebec surge is not sour grapes. Sour grapes was listening to Liberal supporters, still in denial, whine how Harper did not have a true majority. Sheesh, give it break already!!! People in Quebec absolute did not vote for for the leadership of Jack Layton. It was a protest vote, the underdog syndrome, not a pro NDP vote. Jack’s clever, effective quips and personable persona connected with viewers during the television debates. His popularity soared directly following the debates and continued to rise, only beginning to slow once the media focused on both his fiscal policies and his nude massage escapade in a questionable body rub parlour. To be a third or fourth place stakeholder is to avoid much scrutiny. To be a true contender becomes with much greater scrutiny.

    Ruth Ellen Brousseau is deserving of the roasting she receives. In reading Cornwall Free News during the election campaign I am confident if similar situation was true with Harper and the Conservatives I have a strong belief you absolute would be on that band wagon.

    True the practice of parachute candidates is not unusual, however the Brousseau fiasco does speak volumes. Of course it draws questions… she did not set foot in the riding, during the election she went to Vegas seemingly oblivious to Berthier-Maskinonge and its inhabitants as well as her expectations of candidacy. She can not fluently speak the language of her constituents and there are discrepancies with signatures on her nomination papers. This all conveys the Quebec electorate latched on to the underdog Layton, took him into their hearts and willing to vote anything painted orange. In speaking with friends in Trois-Rivieres that voted NDP, for them it had nothing to do with the policies of the party. They mostly were not even aware of the party policies!

    This group of Quebec rookies will be educated as to the NDP national doctrine as opposed to the Quebec doctrine opportunist Jack was spouting during the french television debate. I believe surprised as they are, they are also serious and dedicated now that they are elected and with $157,000 paycheques. They will learn and they will grow. Something that got lost in this circus of events is the fact there are also many qualified NDP candidates elected in Quebec such as Helene Laverdiere a ex diplomat and with a PhD, Romeo Saganash a Cree leader that negotiated many accords with the federal government, Francoise Boivin is a lawyer and former Liberal MP and others.

    One thing the Quebec NDP surge does is to wake people up, garner attention and bring a breath of fresh air into Parliament. It shall be most interesting times ahead and I am most curious what comes of it four years from now.

  2. Author

    “I am confident if similar situation was true with Harper and the Conservatives I have a strong belief you absolute would be on that band wagon.” No sir. I don’t take cheap shots and I don’t attack one party with something I’d tolerate otherwise.

    That’s being a…..Demagogue. 🙂

  3. Mostly I was referring what I readily perceived as leftist bias coverage during the election. Goes with the territory I suppose as nationally is similar. The Toronto Star and the Sun being prime examples of such, one unabashedly pro left and the other unabashedly pro right. That being said, I agree, you are not a demagogue.

  4. Author

    Garfield we allow viewpoints of people of all political persuasions on this site.

  5. “leftist bias coverage during the election”—Wow!

    The editorials of 30 out of 31 leading papers across the country, including the Globe and the Citizen endorsed the Harper conservatives! (Source–media panel on CBC’s Q hosted by Jian Gomeshi)

    Meanwhile 60%–a majority– did not vote for Harper.

  6. what about Lauzon Jamie…any more pigeon pics??

  7. Author

    smee you didn’t see any pigeon pics published during the election – as a matter of fact I had a number of Conservative supporters ask my why I didn’t really attack him during the election much as they were expecting some fireworks.

    Which is why you don’t get to post much – your head is jammed too far up your posterior to separate fact from spin.

  8. True Cornwall free News allows viewpoints of all persuasions and always you have allowed mine(thanks). I have never heard of you denying someone privilege and opportunity to air their beliefs. No argument from me me on that one.

    PJR the ‘no majority’ blathering does not hold water for a number reasons including fact your equation includes those who did not vote. If you want a eye opener reverse your premise and look at the percentage that did not vote for Layton or Ignatieff. Reality is with five parties it has become a impossibility for any party to gain the proportional majority of all persons in Canada. Thus to put such statement forth hold does not hold water… simply a red herring to give something to jaw upon. Voter turnout was 60%. Conservatives received 40% of that 60%. Put your spin on it any way you want, however bottom line is that under our current system Harper absolute is with his mandate and majority. Harper increased his standing each election and maintained a minority government longer than any other. Thanks to Ignatieff and the Liberals in their quest for power Harper has indeed become ‘Majority Man’, and deservedly so.

  9. Harper – majority of seats, yes. Harper – majority of votes cast, no. Facts, please.

  10. Hate when I get egg on my face 🙂 I stand corrected… majority of seats… yes, majority of votes cast… no.

  11. I still have an open offer for smee to give him, or sell him cheap, my spare oar so he can have two oars in the water. Alas, he doesn’t believe that a boat can be rowed, never mind in a straight line. Oh well.

  12. Gracious Garfield, may you be an example to all Conservatives!

  13. @PJR….ditto
    There are smart and decent people at both ends of the political spectrum, and even some in the middle. It’s sad that we have become so politically polarized that hurling insults has replaced civilized debate. Now, we all know that Stephen Harper is a poo-head, and that Jack Layton is almost Jesus Christ. It’s true that Charles McVety has a hand on Steve’s shoulder, but I think Charles has been flirting with the devil quite a bit lately.
    I’m thinking that the Reform Party should reform once again, and re-introduce their true Christian values to their party.

  14. Hurling insults is part of civilized debate. Hurling words is what makes it civil. I was hoping the NDP surge would finally convince 18 year olds they do stand a snowball’s chance, it does matter, there is a point. Why heck, maybe the young NDP MP’s will straighten out the old guard.
    I remember that after Harper was elected the last time – he visited the White House as normal shortly after winning. I was quite surprised however,when Iggy went to visit the White House as well, the following week – if that’s normal for the Opposition Leader it sure can’t be healthy.

  15. “…their true Christian values to their party”‘ – what does Furtz know when it comes to Christian values other than a man/made, self pleasing kind of religion that neither saves nor pleases God?

  16. well admin at least my spin is in the same direction as the progressive world …cuz it is not me that was not tossed form a debate now was it

  17. Author

    No Smee. I wasn’t either. I chose to leave as a protest to the behavior I was met with as I entered which was most undemocratic and violated Freedom of the Press.

    Of course how would anyone know to toss you if you hide behind a pseudonym? You want to walk and talk certain things you’re going to have to man up to them.

    Otherwise it’s all chicken poop.

  18. Actually, the preacher has given us all, over the years, an idea of what his Christian values are. Generally, pretty hateful stuff.
    @ Bobcat… Hurling insults is part of civilized debate? OK. You’re just a poo-head like Harper. 🙂
    @ smee… I still have that oar if you want it.

  19. The NDP as other parties, understand that as long as a candidate is running, each vote will bring in a couple of dollars each year for the party. It must be more lucritive to run people in all 308 ridings and the taxpayer just keeps on paying.

    I haven’t seen Sun TV to be as bad as the early hype.

  20. Hurling insults, raising your voice, yelling, fist shaking is all part of talking where parties disagree. I don’t know how civil our speakers are. Their actions and words cause triggers to be pulled across the water and aid to be deployed or not. These civil guys are at the top of the food chain when it comes to having the sole legitimate use of violence to control the population through punishment, prison, or golden parachutes.

    Hey, our pal, Harper has some new labour law changes coming up. Guest workers will be able to come to Canada for four years in the professional trades and in factories. Wonder how many doctors, accountants and engineers voted Con. Surprise. You just got sold out. Now you can compete with an engineer in Costa Rica making $3.68 an hour.

  21. OK, Bobcat. You are a totally double-decker poo-head! (fists clenched and yelling)

  22. Bobcat, you forgot to mention that the same engineer probably pays about $60-70 a month rent. Groceries probably cost them under $100 a month for a family of four. If they can live with it….why can’t we? Our unions have forced us into this “no-win” situation!

  23. Both Furtz and Cornwall Harry have hurt my feelings and now I am in a state of anxiety. Your threats of potential visual harassment, border on stalking. My CPZ, Valium and Perky Dirk prescriptions are going through the roof. A lawyer told me I had a case. If I was frightened before I am shaking in my high heels now. Just as soon as I put on my make up I will call the OPP and charge you with Bill 168. The lot of you will be spitting on the floor, peeing on documents. I’ve been giving my landlord a hundred a month long past the Bailiff’s notice and with the gun registry gone I should be able to hold up for quite awhile. Pinkerton’s always knew how to handle the unions, bunch of pink diaper baby helots. Here they come again…just let me powder my nose. Yeah, Free Trade – import their intellectuals up here for a quarter of the wages. Good golly. Bobcat is sad for worker bees.

  24. Carry on Bobcat! Between you and smee, you’ll have us all converted to your way of thinking. Or maybe not.

  25. Two wingnuts…..

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