Vancouver Writer Derek K Miller Passes Away, but leaves his Words and Message – May 9, 2011

Cornwall ON – I don’t really like being considered or called a Blogger.    Too many people use that word as though it’s something odd or freaky.

A blog is simply another form of website which is a form of communication.    It’s all too semantical for me.

I run an online newspaper which I’m very proud of.   Yet I can understand the comparison at times.

There’s an intimacy online that doesn’t really exist in traditional print.    It does to a degree in some radio, but online is where it’s at when it comes to a personal connection.   I get emails from all over Canada and the world and the tone is something I’ve never seen in print or radio.

I had one gentleman from Florida call up complaining that we didn’t cover local funerals and do many local obituaries.   I had to explain to him that it was up to local funeral homes to actually work with us; especially ones like Wilson’s that like to push the local angle without supporting local business, and he understood.

Today I read a story that truly touched me as I’m sure it’s touched literally millions of other people.

Derek K Miller of Vancouver BC wrote a blog about his ordeal with Colorectal cancer.   It’s a disease that affects so many.  I myself had my first colonoscopy which discovered a polyp so I can definitely relate.

His words, his blog, the sharing of his life, and sadly death will effect so many people who will feel that they knew him.    That’s the magic of the internet which at it’s best is truly magical.

Derek wrote a last entry to be published upon his death.

I was unafraid of death—of the moment itself—and of what came afterwards, which was (and is) nothing. As I did all along, I remained somewhat afraid of the process of dying, of increasing weakness and fatigue, of pain, of becoming less and less of myself as I got there. I was lucky that my mental faculties were mostly unaffected over the months and years before the end, and there was no sign of cancer in my brain—as far as I or anyone else knew.

It’s a truly stunning read and something we all should read.    Life is very very short and sadly it’s even shorter for some.   There aren’t always answers, but we should all cherish each day and blessing we receive and those around us that love us and that we love.

RIP Derek.  Your short life touched many and I’m sure many seeds of good were planted from your experience.

To read Derek’s Blog, click HERE.

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  1. Didn’t know Derek until i heard about him on the Mix 1065 radio station this morning. Read his last post, couldn’t stop my tears. After reaching home today from work, i ensured to hug my husband and kiss my kids and indirectly informed them how much i love them. Our prayers for your family Derek..

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