Celebrating Heroes in the Home by Kevin Lamoureux – May 13, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

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Cornwall ON – Patric Campeau, is one of twenty-six award recipients honoured by the Champlain CCAC in a celebration held Thursday at the Ramada Inn, in Cornwall.

Caring, dedicated, and compassionate are just some of the ways to describe the recipients of the Champlain Community Access Centre’s (CCAC) annual Heroes in the Home Caregiver Recognition Awards. Chair, Lynn Graham expressed gratitude to the award recipients:


“These awards recognize those who have dedicated themselves to caring for others and salute their efforts to comfort and improve the lives of others in need. We are proud to honour such fine individuals, who include family members, friends volunteers, case managers, service providers and other health care professionals.”


Among the dignitaries to hand out the awards, were MPP Jim Brownell, Councilor Syd Gardner and CCAC CEO, Gilles Lanteigne. The eastern region recipients were: Patric Campeau, Cathy Chumley, Kim Craibe, Joy Cumberbatch, Julie Desgroseillers, Carson Elliott, Garry Ferguson, Debbie Glenn, Tammy Hawn, Ryan, Kingma, Annette Lacelle, Sylvie Ladurantaye, Sandra Lagrue, Dianne Legault, Claudette LaPierre, Linda Leroux, Susan Levert, Manon McConnell, Amamda McCosham, Janet McNamara, Patricia, McPhail, Lucie Neveu, Nina Parent, Madeleine, Prevost, Rita Quesnel, and Divina Salazar.

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