SD&G OPP OFFICERS SERVE AT LOBSTERFEST FUNDRAISER – Nearly $20,000 raised for Glengarry Association for Community Living

The serving staff (l-r) Sgt Luc Riopel (SD&G OPP), Cst Joel Doiron (SD&G OPP), Cst Dan Bissonnette (SD&G OPP), Auxiliary Cst Lance Dixon (SD&G OPP), Sgt Julie Cyr (Russell County OPP), Sgt Kristine Rae (East Region Headquarters), Auxiliary Cst David Labonte (Russell County OPP), Auxiliary Cst Bryce Fournier (SD&G OPP), Auxiliary Sgt Jason Flaro (SD&G OPP and Sgt Brian Eadie (SD&G OPP)
CFN – On Saturday May 14, 2011, Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (SD&G) OPP was requested to assist in a Lobsterfest Fundraising event at Maurine Menard’s Bonnie Glen Pavilion in North Glengarry Township.
The proceeds of the evening benefited the Glengarry Association for Community Living organization. SD&G OPP occupies a seat on their Rights Committee.
This was the 4th year for the event and SD&G OPP has taken part since its inception. Uniformed and Auxiliary officers in Ceremonial Dress served lobster to those in attendance. 

This year, approximately 250 guests were present. The event attracts several community dignitaries and businesses, making it high profile. The OPP’s presence is highly regarded and the interaction that takes place during the evening strengthens relationships between police and the community.

Sgt Julie Cyr (Russell County OPP) serves off duty SD&G OPP Cst Serge Dugauy

The officers present demonstrated a high level of professionalism which created a positive impact of the OPP’s image. A total team effort was demonstrated as well as representation from Russell County Detachment and East Region Headquarters joined host detachment SD&G. Nearly $20,000 was raised for a very worthy cause!

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