Cornwall Ontario City Council for Tuesday May 24, 2011 – On the Fly – UPDATED

Cornwall ON- This is the first city council meeting since Mayor Bob Kilger made his major health announcement last week.

Opening prayers for Mayor Kilger are quite touching.   Open arteries and clean cells; quite unusual.  Good to see the Mayor at the helm.

Bernadette Clement in tears as prayer read.   A moment of silence for former councilor Lalonde.

New student help for Heart of the city and Centre town.  Brownfield funding passed.

$10K for City Murals?  Councilor O’Shaughnessy doesn’t strike me as being much of an arts and culture kind of guy.  Is against the murals based on lack of agreement in place; motioned to defer, but not seconded ….Bob Peters of Economic Development shares that only 7 of the 9 original murals are still there.  Mr. Peters pointed out that no group within the city has offered to support the murals and that the city has had to shoulder the full burden of cost.

So it comes down to removing the mural or repairing it.   Councilors Rivette and Macdonald come out in favour of the mural.   Councilor MacDonald points out how little art is in Cornwall and that they are attractions.   Councilor Clement wants to see a committee for the murals in place.

Councilor O`Shaughnessy spins some on his position.  Amendment passes.   Councilor O`Shaughnessy, a real estate agent is against the process of the waterfront land acquisition.   Clement counters and supports the motion.   Amendment passes.  Motion passes too.

Motion to support Durham in sending a message to Queen`s Park against a 1% limit to adding to Ontario Works and disability payments. Councilor Clement rejigs the statement to leave the door open to more than a 1% increase.   O`Shaughnessy against the motion and any increase in payments should only be paid by province.    Motion to defer.   Councilor Carr points out this is about either supporting the Durham letter or something new.   Councilor Thibault agrees.

After a lot of talk it was all defeated.

Councilor Gardiner mentions 60+ planes landing at the Cornwall Airport this week inviting all to watch.   And thus ends a short sitting of Cornwall City Council.


Cornwall Lighting


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