Police State Proposal by Tim “Cool Hand Luke” Hudak – Is it really Timmy Time? – May 26, 2011

Cornwall ON – Tim “Cool Hand Luke” Hudak has just announced that if given the controls of power of Ontario that he’d force inmates to work.

Essentially Mr. Hudak feels that inmates have way too good a time hanging out in prison where they can take up such activities as ““Freeing the Human Spirit” yoga classes, interactive writing workshops and crock-pot cooking classes.”

Such activities at the expense of Ontario taxpayers raise his dander as opposed to off shore bank accounts and big dollar bail outs to favored corporate interests.

“We’re not asking convicted prisoners to do anything more than what hard-working Ontario families do every day: work.” – Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader

“Prisoners, through their own actions, have taken enough from society.  It’s time they give something back.”  – Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Party Leader

See this scares the crap out of me, because our system is fraught with hurdles that basically leave those who can’t defend themselves in jail.   Rich white collar criminal who can afford a good lawyer?  You won’t be doing any “Timmy Time” working at such tasks as:  raking leaves, cutting grass, picking up trash, and cleaning graffiti)

From a media release today:

If elected on October 6, a Tim Hudak government will end the practice of letting convicted prisoners spend their time watching TV and will require work programs to be mandatory.

Question?  How many jobs would be lost in our economy when all this “free labour” is available?    Is this work pensionable?  Disability?  WSIB? Is this what we really want for Ontario?

And boo on the Bruins!   Go Tampa Bay!

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