The Cornwall Free News Welcomes Captain Dan Baz – Ask Questions on all aspects of Flying!

Toronto  ON – Toronto based Pilot Dan Baz is joining the Cornwall Free News list of contributors.

If you have a question about flying you can email Captain Dan or post below.

A bit more about Mr. Baz:

“Captain Dan Baz enrolled in Flight School at the age of 16.

He has completed studies in Aircraft Engineering and Master of Business Administration. He has been at the controls of many different types of aircraft, from single engine Cessnas to large intercontinental jets on global routes.

Over the last four decades he has flown thousands of hours up in the blue sky.”

Here is the first question asked to Captain Dan.

In the safety briefing at the beginning of the flight they say the airplane cabin is pressurized. How much pressure is there in the cabin?

At altitudes where airliners fly the atmospheric pressure and the amount of available oxygen is too low to sustain human life.  Therefore outside air, pressurized by engine compressors, is ducted into the cabin to increase the cabin pressure and thus the amount of available oxygen.

On most jet transport airplanes the cabin is designed to withstand a differential pressure of 8PSI.  That means that if the outside air pressure is 4PSI, the cabin air pressure is 12PSI.  This pressure is equivalent to approximate cabin altitude of 5,000 feet above the sea level, which is comfortable for breathing.

Have a question for the Captain ?  Send it to Captain Dan Baz Every week a question from the readers will be selected and answer posted in this column.

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