NEOLIBERALISM: THE STORY OF THE LAST THREE DECADES IN CANADA by Mario Leclerc – May 25, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – What is Neo-liberalism?

Neo-liberalism is a term used to describe a range of policies and an economic philosophy that stresses international free trade, economic liberalism (more commonly referred to as radical capitalism) and the promotion of such through deregulation of the economy,privatization of industry, liberalization of markets, financialization of national economies and corporatization of the remaining public sector.

The term neo-liberalism is used to distinguish it from traditional economic liberalism, more commonly known as “capitalism”, the major difference being neo-liberalism promotes radical capitalism on a global scale. The proponents of this ideology claim that this form of “free-trade” amongst international private business entities will lead to increased prosperity for the entire world.


However, the results of privatization and the removal of trade barriers has had a number of negative externalities,the most apparent being the sharp increase of corporate power and influence in the world and the displacement of national governments on the international stage.

Policies designed to benefit corporate interests have caused inequality to increase drastically, privatization of many formerlystate-run enterprises or agencies has led to increased costs and poor performance, andcountries that are otherwise rich in natural resources are shackled in debt and required toprivatize their industries, which are then sold towealthy foreign firms, as a prerequisite to receive financial aid or loans under mandated structural adjustment programs.


But there is hope in Canada.Let’s celebrate the election of 103 NDP MP’s inCanada.  And by the way, I thank you wholeheartedly for your support my friends.

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  1. I kinda like the idea that a young man or woman can start a business, put in some toil and sweat while it grows. This business would then hire more people who buy homes, raise families and pay tax for services. If that person is rewarded with owning a large company, why should the government block that path? Or spead that persons wealth around to others that did not work as hard or take as many risks.
    Could it be that Unions are forcing more money away from the business owner who then looks to government to replace that income or lower operating costs, possibly caused by more government hand outs? Or even government its self needing more money.

  2. The true directive of neoliberalism is a place where every action of every being is a market transaction. This transaction is to be conducted in competition with every other being and influencing every other transaction. The transactions will be occurring in an infinitely short time, and repeated at an infinitely fast rate. It is a form of socilaism or communism all things being equal

    So how does the NDP suggest we try and avoid that which they need to survive?
    Which is a market in which transaction are to be conducted in competition in order to distribute the wares for the people they want to provide the social programs for.

  3. Author

    It’s becoming almost impossible to open a small business with any chance of viability. Over 85% of small business start ups don’t make it to year two and this is chiefly because of artificial hurdles put in place by various levels of government.

  4. admin
    It depends on the hurdles, I have been part of a family business for quite a few years before it was sold for retirement. It is not the governments fault but the entities they create to ensure rules are followed.

    If you find the hurdles difficult perhaps you are not cut out for business.

  5. So is smee saying that the laws aren’t the problem, but the enforcement of the laws is? So the laws are ok as long as they aren’t enforced?

  6. Furtz, there’s no point in asking what Smee’s saying, because not even Smee knows for sure. However, I can certainly understand why Smee’s family would sell the family business, rather than let him run it!

  7. I think your post Furtz ia a perfect example of how people manipulate what is said making it necessary for the to create entities to explain what is stated.

  8. I gotta get myself one of those entities so it can explain to me what’s being said here. I’m totally confused, as usual.

  9. Admin and even Mario support neoliberalism In that they support independent business and believe it should be easier to begin and maintain. If everyone should be an entrepreneur or own a small business then that is distinctly neoliberal.

    I look forward to Mario explaining just which definition of Neo Liberalism he is referring to?

    Cornwall need not wonder why it is hastily becoming one of the more economically depressed areas; all they need do is read the posts local media.

    I can just see the corporate considerations for relocation to Cornwall based on the attitudes and stellar intellect displayed by Furtz and The Watcher.

  10. Author

    Labels can be so boring and limiting.

  11. Has anyone completed the recent census form, because they sent my census form back!!

    In answer to the question; ‘Do you have any dependents?’, I put; Illegal immigrants, phony asylum seekers, drug addicts, professional life-long welfare recipients, Quebec, First Nation Chiefs and their toadies, the middle east, Haiti and half of Eastern Europe!

    …apparently this wasn’t an acceptable answer!

  12. I think the idea of the census is to collect information about the population. They aren’t interested in rabid right-wingnut mouth froth.

  13. Mario
    What do you think about Layton doing a little side talk regarding recognizing Quebec’s right to another referendum….Seems he is not as popular in Quebec as he was a few weeks back

    Is this standard NDP policy? Promise and renege

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