Letter to the Editor – Mario Leclerc: THE BIG BLUE MACHINE STILL LAUGHS AT OUR DEMOCRACY – I’VE HAD ENOUGH! – May 27, 2011

Two weeks after the May 2 federal election, Stephen Harper appointed three defeated Conservative candidates to the Senate on the sly: former intergovernmental affairs minister Josée Verner, Larry Smith and Fabian Manning. They were all rejected by the voters, and yet were called upon – against the public’s will – to sit in the Senate. The world is turning upside down!

Of course we all know that the Senate is used to reward friends of the ruling party and their followers. The Conservatives haven’t changed anything; they’re simply doing what the Liberals have done before them. It’s all the same.

You are a demagogue, Mr. Harper. You want us to believe that you want an equal, elected and effective Senate, yet you mock us and our democracy. One day this will come back to haunt you.

Senators earn more than $132,000 per year as a base salary and remain there until the age of 75. It costs nearly $90 million per year for each and every one of us. In 2008-09, the Senate sat a total of 69 days! The Senate is unnecessary, undemocratic and should be abolished.

Fortunately, we can count on 103 New Democrat MP’s in the House of Commons to safeguard our democracy. Go Jack Go!

Mario Leclerc, Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Mario
    Do you honestly believe the NDP would be any different or any less hypocritical??

    May I point out Jack Layton is currently being held to task by Quebec’s political parties regarding the amount of votes need in a referendum for Quebec to separate.
    He skirted the issue for a few days and was noted for endorsing the Clarity Act which sets conditions for Quebec’s independence. Something the nationalist Quebecers do not support.

    So how does the ball swing on that bit of the BIG ORANGE MACHINE LAUGHS AT OUR DEMOCRACY

  2. The NDP will always wind up shooting itself in the foot.

  3. Blatant cynicism and hypocrisy on the part of the Chief Reformer, and a lost opportunity to reform himself before he starts throwing his weight around with his majority.

  4. NDP is the LEAST corrupt of parties at this moment. I asked questions and they answered them, unlike the other parties who just danced about the questions never really answering. As far as Quebec goes, give Quebec the means and they will choose to stay in Canada. It’s like a child, lock them in their room all day and they will not stray, but, give them room to grow and give them choices and hope they make the right choice and when they do make their own choice, they have made the right one for themselves.
    Consider Quebec that child and Canada the parent. Being a Quebecois all my life and living amongst the separatists, I believe this would solve this age old battle for once and for all, then, people like me would not have to continually leave Quebec because of the politics.

  5. Mario Leclerc, your words are hollow and meaningless in lieu of the fact that you helped install this majority government and your beloved Jack has installed this government by voting for successive Harper budgets. Furthermore, now that you have 103 seats, and no ability to provide ANY sort of checks or balances, you have the AUDACITY to claim that you will “safeguard our democracy”. How are you going to do that Mr. Leclerc? 103 voices or 1 voice, it’s the same thing if in the house you don’t have enough voting power to stop Harper.

    Congratulations on stealing an election from the Liberals and handing it to the Conservatives.

  6. The NDP didn’t steal the election from the Liberals….the Liberals lost the election because it seemed to be a case of “the blind leading the blind” and for stability Canadians voted the present government back into power, except with more power!

  7. Answers are a dime a dozen Diane especially during an election. Actions speak louder than words and as it stands now Layton is not acting on his promises to Quebec.
    Your comment on that issue is interesting but kind of off topic. The focus was on how Layton addressed the Quebec political parties concerns about the referendum vote and his endorsing the Clarity Act. That is completely contrary the question he was asked and answered to the people of Quebec.
    I guess it kind of makes how they answer questions less credible

  8. @Jamie Labonte. When the Libs were the Official Opposition, they refused to oppose. That’s why they are where they are. And that’s why the Reformatories now have four years to turn Canada into a clone of Texas.

  9. Diane, Quebec has been a HAVE NOT province for many more years than Ontario, should we cut off the money so they can sink or swim? Spend billions more on bilingualism so they can feel the love?
    Canada has done much to try and placate Quebec’s leaders, so I am not sure what you mean.

    Mr. Leclerc, Jack has said he wants a more orderly House, will this media be the new source of heckling and name calling?

  10. Furtz, I was born and raised in Eastern Ontario just like a few generations before me and still live here. I have no hate for people in any province or territory, but dislike some handouts. I am appreciative of the country we call home and happy to be able to help out with a hand up when possible. I volunteer to a few good causes and donate to a few more.

    Canada has changed and not always for the better, because of expensive trial projects that were designed to garner more votes, and both Chretien and Mulrony were instrumental in continuing that.

    We will now return to our regular programming……

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