Elaine MacDonald announces run for NDP Ontario nomination in Stormont, Dundas, & South Glengarry – May 27, 2011

Cornwall ON –  In what has been one of the least possible surprising announcements, Cornwall Ontario City councilor Elaine MacDonald announced today that she will be seeking the NDP provincial nomination for the SD&SG Ontario riding.

Currently Jim McDonell is the Progressive Conservative candidate while the Liberals decide on their man on June 13th.

Ms MacDonald has run previously at the federal level for the NDP and has served on City Council now for two terms.

The Official Press Release:

Cornwall city councillor Elaine MacDonald is seeking the nomination for the New Democratic Party in the provincial election of October 2011. MacDonald says she is prompted by the current situation in Ontario, in which ordinary people are finding it harder and harder to keep up while the government at Queens Park is growing  increasingly more remote from their everyday concerns.

MacDonald says people are scrambling to stay afloat while being hit on all sides by rising costs for food, energy, fuel and shelter, all of which are aggravated by the HST, the  tax that was imposed to finance a series of tax cuts to corporations.

MacDonald feels that the McGuinty government has lost sight of working people’sconcerns as a priority. Even though economists have declared that Ontario’s corporate tax rate is more than competitive, the government is holding to its policies of corporate tax cuts, a policy also promoted by Tim Hudak’s conservatives, at the expense of the family budgetary needs. The NDP is committed to dealing with job losses, stagnating wages, and growing costs, all of which are made worse by unfair policies like the HST.  MacDonald hopes to be part of the team that will offer a positive alternative to Ontarians in October.

The NDP will focus on innovative strategies to create and protect jobs – using a “Buy Ontario” plan to grow new sectors, pursuing value-added strategies to make the most of our resources and create strategies for key sectors and hard-hit regions.

As party leader Andrea Horwath rolls out the party’s platform, voters will see that security and stability in jobs, social programs, an improved healthcare and a green economy are the touchstones of NDP policies and electoral platform.

In addition to her duties as city councillor, which she will step away from during the campaign period, September 7 to October 6, MacDonald is co-chair of the Cornwall Chapter of the Ontario Health Coalition, a founding member of the SD&G Coalition for Social Justice, President of the Cornwall & District Labour Council and vice-president of the SDSG NDP Riding Association.

Reached by phone on route to Toronto at press time Ms Macdonald had the following to share:

It’s time for Government to focus on the basic issues which are really important.   Looking at people’s basic needs.  With access to healthcare at a trickle and schools closing libraries within their buildings we need our government to focus on the basic issues again.

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  1. Good news, after getting to know Elaine in the past federal election, I consider her good for the job.

  2. Good luck Elaine. If we’re both successful I look forward to being on the platform with you.

  3. So when elected councilors step down from their elected post is the person who didn’t win a seat but has the next highest votes asked if he/she wishes to step up to the post? And if the Mayor steps down, who takes over that position? Please do enlighten me. Thanks.

  4. @Jacqueline. I believe that council can invite the the person with the next highest vote, or they can have a by-election in that ward. We just went through that in our township.

  5. Mark MacDonald came in second in the election for Mayor. The job should go to him.

  6. @Stan. I think normally the next in line is invited to fill the position, but if s/he declines, a by-election is held.

  7. I wish anyone who puts themselves out for a cause they believe in well.

    “an improved healthcare” is a wonderful ideal, however with cost nearing half of all revenue, we need some improved changes, changes that include looking at how people coming to Ontario are dealth with.

    Would the NDP consider having some kind of residency period before some health services could be tapped by anyone, moving from another province or country?

  8. @Stan & @ Furtz….so if Mayor Kilger steps down and Mr. MacDonald gets the Provincial nod for the Liberals does that mean the Mayoral seat would first be offered to Nicole Spahich?

  9. @Jacqueline. Not sure how far down the line they could go and still have legitimate process. My guess is that a by-election would be in order if the second in line declines to fill the post. Might be best to contact the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/Page348.aspx

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