Mark A MacDonald Hand Delivers his Paperwork and Announces Family BBQ for June 13th at Lamoureux Parc!

Toronto ON – Liberal hopeful Mark A MacDonald made it  official.   He hand delivered his final membership forms to the Ontario Liberal Party HQ.

He also released the following:


I’m expecting a large turnout and people I talk to want to make sure that we work hard to protect all the gains we’ve made in Ontario.

I will be hosting a huge “family BBQ”, in Lameroux Park, prior to the Nomination Meeting.

As a special treat, musical entertainment will be provided by Mr. John Maloney.  Mr. Maloney recently moved to Cornwall from Montreal.

Over the years Mr. Maloney had occasion to play for many dignitaries and was pleased to entertain guests the night that Pierre Elliot Trudeau announced he was entering politics.

Regards, Mark

What do you think SD&SG Liberals?  Will Mr. MacDonald win the nomination?  You can post your comments below.



  1. He deserves to win. He’s one of the most honest, hardest-working, outspoken person that I know.

  2. Hi Mark
    Problem to solve and a lot of work to do!

    The issue is the scope and composition of unemployment in Ontario – Canada.
    Undoubtedly, the Great Recession triggered by the global financial crisis has contributed to this worrisome situation. Unfortunately, the problem is much deeper, as it was long in the making.
    At its root, Ontario – Canada jobs crisis is the result of many years of under-investment in human resources and the social sectors. The education system has lagged the progress made in other countries. Job retraining initiatives have been woefully inadequate. Labor mobility has been declining. And insufficient attention has been devoted to maintaining an adequate social safety net.
    Left to its own devices, Ontario’s unemployment problem will deepen. This will widen the already-large gap between the country’s haves and have-nots. It will undermine labor’s skills and productivity. It will accentuate the burden imposed on the gradually declining number of people who remain in the labor force and have jobs. And it will make it even harder to find a medium-term solution to Ontario’s worsening public-debt and deficit dynamics.
    The Ontario government has little time to waste if it is to avoid an even more protracted and entrenched unemployment problem. It must move now to address the problem’s sources through multi-year programs that range from educational restructuring and worker retraining to productivity enhancement and housing-sector reform. And it must do so while better protecting the long-term unemployed, many of whom bear little responsibility for their current, once unthinkable, and unfortunately long-lasting predicament.
    It is past time for the Ontario to wake up and confront in a holistic fashion its unemployment crisis. As everyone who has ever had an unpalatable job knows, shutting off the alarm and pulling the blanket over one’s head is not a solution.
    Good Luck Mark

  3. I really respect Mark McDonald for his dedication to the area. Not only has he been a fire-fighter and a volunteer at many seniors events; he’s also active in provincial politics and is working to make sure Cornwall is truly on the map.

    I honestly don’t know who will win the nomination but I can sincerely tell you that we could definitely do worse than a man of Mark’s calibre.

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