Waves and Flooding Near Lost Villages – June 1, 2011 – Long Sault Ontario

Long Sault ON – John Lister of Fingerman Studios sent in some amazing shots from the wind storm today whipping up some waves.

As you can see some flooding occurred as well.

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  1. Consdiering the river levels have been lower then normal for a few years, is it really flooding or the water going back to normal levels ?

  2. Smee, if that’s the case, then they built the beach area at too low a level. I think yesterday it was the wind blowing hard enough to push the water ashore and raise the level along the shoreline. On other days this year, the water was where it should be, yet higher than normal. Yesterday it was washing way over the lawn area, and the beach itself was gone.

  3. it all man made John, take a look at old maps of the rapids and area. Then as you drive around watch for plants and stuff. You will see where the water was in the past.

  4. I like looking at Google Earth and seeing the underwater streets that are still visible in the Lost Villages area. Amazing how we’ve built cities and towns, and then flooded them.

  5. Is there any chance for the goose poop to remain, I really enjoy doing the goose step!

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