Canucks Put Bite on Bruins in Game 1 Shut Out Victory for Roberto Luongo – June 2, 2011

Cornwall ON-  Literally as Alex Burrows was alleged to have nibbled on some fingers placed in his mouth.   It sounds kinda Sean Avery to me 😉    Burrows ended the night with 8 penalty minutes and 2 shots on goal.

It was good play off hockey with the refs calling a whack of penalties in the first two period, but forgetting the whistle in the 3rd.


Both goalies kicked out over 30 saves before Rafi Torres scored the game winner on Tim Thomas in the 3rd period.

Boston tried to establish the body, but Vancouver stood up to them in their barn although D man Dan Hamuis was lost to injury.

In other NHL news Winnipeg are getting the Atlanta Thrashers which is probably better than getting the Phoenix Coyotyes as the Thrashers have some really good talent and one of the deepest Defensive squads in the league.   More teams in Canada is a mighty good thing for the sport.

And this to our American Hockey Fans is Hockey Spirit Canadian Style


Am I the only one to notice that 3 of the last four teams in the play offs this year were coached by former Habs coaches?  Alain Vignault wasn’t good enough for the Habs, or Claude Julien, and of course the Lightning coach Guy Boucher never got a chance to be the head coach for Montreal, but many are thinking that he should of.

As a Hab fan I really am hoping that Mr. Molson decides that the old Ottawa Senator team of Jacques Martin and Pierre Gauthier are beyond their Best By date and plans for successors are in the ready before the team reverts to the bad old Rejean Houle days.

Speaking of which I was very glad to see Hal Gill signed up for another year.   He could’ve got two years with probably the same dollars, but chose to sign up for one year ahead of July.     The NHL needs more players with his character and Montreal has a pillar of their defense back for one more season.   Now if they can get Roman Hamrlik signed up, and maybe find a way to get some value by trading away Mr. Markov and some bits for a  top six forward the team should be flying for next season.

And yes, if possible they should sign Jaromir Jagr to give some extra juice to Tomas Plekanec as he’s earned it.

What do you think Hockey fans? You can post your comments below.

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