St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences Open House – June 16, 2011

Cornwall ON – Mark your calendars for the River Institute Open House, Thursday, June 16 from 2 – 6pm.  The River Institute invites you to visit and explore the river with us!!

On Thursday, June 16, doors will be wide open for everyone to visit and take part in lab experiments and sampling expeditions in the river!  Talk to scientists, use nets to sample fish; collect and identify invertebrates from the river; and look at interesting specimens in the lab!  The River Institute staff will be available to answer your questions and tell you more about the programs we offer.

The Open House will interest visitors of all ages.  Registrations for Eco-Friends Summer Camp will be accepted.  Plan to visit us on June 16 – the River Institute is located on the campus of St. Lawrence College.  For more information, call us at 613-936-6620 or visit

Fence Depot

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  1. I like the work these people are doing towards understandng this great resource and this photo is well done. From watching too many CSI episodes though, I looked a bit deeper.

    In looking through the 2009 annual report it is evident why tax and university rates are high, as donation and grant money coming to them from universities, and branches of municipal and provincial governments is seen. And that must go on across Canada. For example, there are 5 Ministry’s that have donated, there must be a layer of administration just to solicit funding.

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