A Media Ho at the Crossroads – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – June 9, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Apparently I’m a big Ho.  Prostitute, whore, seller of words and souls for a few pence occasionally pressed into my tiny corporate hands.    A friend was visiting from a foreign land last night and wanted me to show him the sights of Montreal.  Seeing as there was this burst of lighting and rain what better time?  The parking was easy and the traffic light.

We marveled at the beauty of the women and third world quality of the roads in Montreal.

We stopped at the Orange Julep on the way back to the air port and the chatter turned to what I do.     I’ve been friends with this person for over a decade and he’d seen me while doing the film thing full on, and watched this transition.   He pointed out that in the media you have to sell your soul to the ad men and women.   That your perspective or slant is simply your positioning in the money world.   He also said I should check for typos more often as it made him crazy when he did have time to read in far off lands…

It was a lovely drive back and it gave me much to munch on mentally as I thought about the causes and people I’ve supported these two and half years.    Even though our mission statement is quite clear in that we’re a platform for all, because of some nastiness initiated by our MP I’ve been ostracized, tarred, and feathered by many of the Conservative machinery and associated businesses and organizations.   No ad dollars from there and a lot of nasty finger pointing.

It’s got better over the years as people locally have realized that the emperor isn’t in fact wearing clothes half as those that appear in some of his pictures, but none the less in the case of this musing it certainly gave me pause to consider how I’ve been forcibly positioned at times….

So as we sipped our Orange Juleps and talked politics, business, life, film, a bit of music, hockey( it’s always funny hearing an American take on Hockey) mutual friends back in LA, relationships, and why we do what we do all in one dark and rainy evening I realized that we all have choices to make in life and that I’ve made my own; some good, some less good; and some a lot of fun.

Being a media ho isn’t the worst thing in the world.   We don’t all get to pick our johns and of course rarely do they turn out to be Richard Gere, but in the end there’s a price to pay no matter what you do in this world, and in the end don’t we ultimately all have a boss?

Good morning Cornwall and Canada.

Have a super one!

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. It must be the hat Jamie.

  2. Being ostracized by two-bit thugs isn’t all bad. A reasonably clean conscience is a good thing to have.

  3. As I’ve always said Jamie, the best revenge is success.

  4. I totally concur with Reg. All the others want to do is complain simply because they have nothing better to do. Just continue to do what you know best, and that is writing.

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