Letter to the Editor – PJ Robertson of Morrisburg, Ontario – Anthem for Harpocrats* – June 12, 2011



Morrisburg ON – (Harpocrat* ‘power grabber’ from Greek harpax, harpaktes ‘robber’; Latin harpyiae ‘harpies, rapacious

monsters’; English harpy ‘greedy, cruel or grasping person’ + Greek kratos ‘power, might’)


Chorus: Listen to our Great Reformer! Leading us to the Promised Land!

“Friends, in the name of Democracy obviously we have many freedoms:

“Freedom to meet and freedom to speak,

“Freedom to write and freedom to pray,

“Freedom to be you and freedom to be me,

“Freedom of conscience and freedom under the law.

“And I make the rules! Yes, I make the rules.


“In the name of Democracy, freedom is ours:

“When they set up committees conspiring to trip us, we’re free to shut them down;

“When they stand to question us in the House, we’re free to shout them down;

“When they gabble about facts and rights and the truth, we’re free to wash our hands.”


Chorus: Freedom is ours! Hear him! He makes the rules!

“In the name of Democracy, friends, all freedoms are there for the taking:

“When the civil service is uncivil to our wishes, we’re free to undermine it;

“When experts oppose our views, we’re free to mock their researches;

“When the people protest about change in the climate, we’re free to laugh them to scorn.”


Chorus: There for the taking! He makes the rules!

“Friends, in our time we have freedom as never before:

“When they press us on our pledge to give account and be open, we’ll say, ‘Security comes first!’

“When they go on about billions for jets and jails, we’ll shout, ‘Soft on crime and your country!’”


Chorus: Freedom as never before! Hear how he makes the rules!

“Friends, in the name of Democracy, we’re creating new freedoms as we go:

“Freedom to blame and freedom to shame,

“Freedom to pledge and freedom to hedge,

“Freedom to cheer and freedom to smear,

“Freedom to act and freedom to redact,

“Freedom to lie and freedom to deny,

“Freedom to wheel and freedom to steal.

“Freedom to fight and freedom to spite.


“When we meet fellow leaders to order the world, and humanity fills the streets,

“We’ll have units at the ready to bind and confine on sight.


“Friends, when tempests tear at your houses and the flood comes lapping at your doors,

“When your loved one is trapped overseas and their passport’s not worth a dime,

“Why, obviously it’s yet another socialist terrorist plot!”


Chorus: Freedom as never before! Onward to the Promised Land!



PJ Robertson


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  1. Well sung PJ.

  2. Thanks Tom. Thanks Roy—are you confusing me with a celebrity?!

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