Letter to the Editor – Rebecca Gingrich of Princeton Ontario on Canadian Libya Mission Vote in Parliament – June 13, 2011

Dear Editor,

Mr. Harper, Mr. MacKenzie, Mr Layton–I understand that there will be a vote in Parliament today to ‘extend the mission’ in Libya.  Firstly–to call this a ‘mission’ is obtuse.  This is not a mission, it is a war against a sovereign nation that has threatened no one.  When did a peace keeping nation like Canada decide that war was the way to ensure peace?  Gadhaffi only did what our police did, under an obscure law, at the G20 in Toronto.


Canada and NATO are committing acts of genocide against innocent Libyans while justifying it as ‘protecting the people from their leader’!!  Some of the same ‘logic’ used in Afghanistan–to bring them democracy.  There are thousands of Afghanis who will never know life again because of us.


It is truly sad that Canada has bought into the 1984 mind-set that is now being practiced on the planet.  We as a country have no right to demand that another nation act the way we demand or be ‘wiped off the map’!  We have killed innocent people and yet act as if they are not as dead because they were not killed by their own leader???  When did our country lose its way??

I pray that our representatives have the courage of our convictions in this vote today.  We do not want war.  The planet is not a playground where ‘my dad can beat your dad’ mentality exists.  We are supposed to be adults and work out any arguments without killing.  I expected more of our country but I guess those days are gone.  I cannot pretend I understand every reason for our behaviour, but sadly, it seems as if the planet is being herded to WWIII and Canada is helping lead the way.  And we are killing innocent people for our own promotion.  I guess it is true that people don’t matter, power does?


War is NOT Peace, and Freedom is not Slavery–when will our government realize that?

Yours truly,

Rebecca Gingrich
Princeton, Ontario

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