Letter to the Editor – Rebecca Gingrich of Princeton Ontario ask Rona Ambrose a Question about Libya? June 14, 2011

Dear Editor,

Minister Rona Ambrose is telling us why her government is spending millions of dollars Canada can not afford. The reason she states in the House of Commons is no longer valid  The following letter asks her a question many Canadians have concerning our foreign involvements in the last decade.


From: r.gingrich@XXXXX
To: rona.ambrose@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Libya
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 15:51:35 -0400

Ms. Ambrose–I heard you state in the ‘discussion’ today on Libya that we are bombing to ‘protect the women and children’.  Odd that you and your government are using the same argument that was used to justify us going into Afghanistan.  That worked so well, didn’t it?  Karzai is much worse than most ‘leaders’ in the world and yet we are killing and being killed to protect his government.  Read what Scott Taylor has to say about what is happening to the women in Afghanistan, and yet we say and do nothing.

I am ashamed of what our country is perpetrating around the world.  And everyone of you controlled puppets in Parliament bow to these actions.
Not all Canadians are stupid enough to believe the same propaganda twice.  Surely you could have come up with another excuse to take over Libya?  And there is no mention of the affects of DU that are probably in those bombs we are dropping.  I guess the women of Libya will not be upset when their babies are born with two heads or other horrendous mutations?
How can our government be so evil?

I pray that you and your government will face reality and realize that no matter who kills the Libyan people they are still dead.  Us bombing them kills and more bombings mean more death.  The UN mandate does not order the removal of Gadhaffi but that seems to have escaped the attention of Canada. When did we become killers instead of peacekeepers? NOTHING justifies killing–no matter which controlled government body orders it–be in NATO, the UN or the World Court.  We are all sovereign nations or we are all subject to the same actions by others.

Rebecca Gingrich
PO B0x 2
Princeton, Ontario

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  1. Rebecca the only babies born with two heads or other horrendous mutations are in your head! You need help girl.

  2. There is no Depleted Uranium in any bombs, I think a lil chemistry is on order before making that statement.

    However the rest of the letter is very well presented and to the point, good job Becci.

    I would love to see Rona’s stand on pushing Isreal back to the 67 broder issue. Something I thought Obama had the gaul to enforce….time will tell

  3. sorry to rain on your parade.
    Dr. Doug Rockke is the preeminent expert on Depleted Uranium used in ammunition.
    He wrote the safety manual on using DU weapons, how to store, ppe requirements, exposure limits ect…
    I can assure you that our troops are using these weapons, not realizing the effects until 20 yrs later when kidney and lung failure start to appear. unfortunately. when a weapon is discharged, DU residue is unknowingly back scattered onto our troops.

    side issue.

    I support our troops so much I want them to come home and THEY ALL DO as well.
    they all know it’s an illegal war and are waiting for US (civilians) to SAY SOMETHING.

    just like Rebbeca is doing.

    btw, Cojones: is this good enough for ya?

    effects of Depleted Uranium on children. – check out the link to see the truth to ignorant scum bag, ur the one who needs help!!


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