Striking Postal Workers Shut Out by Canada Post – June 15, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Canada Post upped the ante in their labour negotiation with CUPW and has locked out the 50,000 rotating postal workers – strikers citing lack of movement on several fronts.

They also cited losses amounting over 100 million dollars.  Over 35,000 postal employees have been locked out.    The sides seem to be apart chiefly on dollars with the company offering a little less than 2% and the postal workers just over 3%.

I haven’t had mail here in Cornwall in nearly 10 days; how have you fared during the rotating postal strike and whom do you think will come out ahead?    Do you think that postal workers should even be allowed to strike?   Do you consider the mail an essential service?

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  1. Maybe we should get rid of the delivery folks. Use the local box system or reopen the old post office and let peopls pick up their mail.

    It would be yet another much needed dent in our old time Crown corporations and a loss for the CUPE.

  2. Author

    Smee it sounds like you need to back down on the Timmy’s. Might I suggest some of Reg’s amazing Peruvian Fair Trade Organic DECAF?

  3. smee, come over to Island Ink-Jet/Internet Cafe at 8 Third Street West and I’ll buy you a cup of Reg’s coffee. Try it and you’ll never go back to Timmies ever again!

  4. yay timmies…not *l*

    I am more for the Star Bucks type coffee. If I am to spend money on sustenance it will be something that is not found in my home. Economically speaking it’s a very poor choice to buy abroad what you can make at home.

    I take it the two of you believe we should continue to pour money into the postal carriers pension and benefits yet not pay the taxes that contribute to said pension and benefits? So where do you expect the system to get the money?

    What is wrong with boxes in neighbourhoods where people can pick up their own mail or as was in the past pick up your own mail at the post office?
    It sure seems to work well in other communities. Maybe too many people are sitting in the internet cafe all wired on coffee to fend for themselves

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