Letter to the Editor – Brian Lynch of Cornwall Ontario on Elaine MacDonald – June 18, 2011

Cornwall ON – The NDP has the progressive policies that put Ontario’s families and seniors first.  The NDP will protect and create good jobs, improve public healthcare, and provide greater assistance to agriculture and our rural communities.  Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP have promised to make life more affordable for everyday people by removing the HST from hydro and home heating bills and putting a cap on gasoline prices.  The NDP will halt the multi-billion dollar corporate tax giveaways favoured by the Liberals and Conservatives to the big, profitable corporations that don’t create new jobs.  Instead, the Ontario NDP will provide tax credits to businesses that create new jobs or invest in new equipment, retraining, and innovation.


In SDSG, with a strong NDP team led by Elaine MacDonald, the NDP can win this riding and help bring change that puts people first and that builds a better Ontario where no one is left behind.


Yours truly,



President, SDSG Provincial NDP riding association – Cornwall, ON.

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  1. That thought is good, give breaks to samall businesses that creat jobs, but the actual practice causes me concern. How do you know if they are actually going to create jobs? Is it going to be one of the 75 percent of businesses that fail in the first 2 years? When does a business stop being small and then need to raisae their prices 13% to cover the HST? No way is perfect and we can encourage but don’t think catering to thesmall at the expense of the large is any better. h

  2. 1. Create good jobs, improve public healthcare, provide greater assistance to agriculture and rural communities, tax credits to business that create new jobs / invest in new equipment / training / innovation

    2. Have companies pay billions in tax

    2 minus 1 means the Liberals stay in power……..

  3. Sounds like the Conservatives platform…

  4. NDP, are they not facing a little scrutiny federally on being Canada’s socialist party?

    It would appear that federally Layton seems to think the verbiage calling the NDP a” democratic socialism” party has no bearing on the party’s values. This verbiage change was one of the vote seeking strategies used in the last election.

    They also refused to pass the resolution to reject outright any future talks of merging with the Liberals

    We also now have Layton hiding behind the Clarity act which keeps him away from any new referendum issues.

    Is this the same belief at the provincial level?

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