Former Star Tek Employees having a Get Together – Saturday June 25, 2011 in Cornwall Ontario + UPDATE on EVAC

Cornwall ON – A group of former Star Tek employees are having a get together this Saturday here in Cornwall Ontario.


Get-Together for past and present StarTek employees
Saturday, June 25th from 7pm-1am
Knights of Columbus ( Amelia Street )
Entertainment:  “Nat & Perry” and “Whiskey Sour”
$2 p/p cover charge  /  light lunch  / EVERYONE WELCOME
And speaking of Star Tek, the latest updates we have to share is that the facility should be back open on Thursday.      While we don’t have confirmation, we are being told that issues related to the ventilation/cooling systems either via leak have been addressed.
Several current employees emailed in with concerns about whether they will be paid for missing time which we are waiting for confirmation from Star Tek about as well as the official cause of illness that impacted employees.

If you have a picture, video, or story to tell you can email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.
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  1. That’s great to see a reunion type get-together has been planned for past & present Startek employees. Sounds like it will be a fun time. Did Startek, itself have anything to do with planning & paying for this event or was it done strictly by past employees? Just curious.

  2. it was all the employee’s specifically 2 or 3 who took the time. Cindy Stead and Louise leblanc played a huge role in it 🙂

  3. it is being set up by employees and not by startek,when asked them to help out they told us NO, and they also told supervisors not to go ,, why????

  4. Fyi For anyone who will be applying for unemployment in August after the layoff. And are concerned with how the closure from last weeks incedent will affect your unemployment checks…. I did contact them and what they said is that when you file for unemployment in the notes section you need to inform them of the dates that Startek was forced to close and why. what unemployment will do if drop that week from the calculation this way it doesnt lower your weekly average income. Also it was suggested that you may want to keep newspaper clipping of it as proof in case Startek is not willing to assist in providing proof. as well as a copy of your schedual for that week.

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