Mayor Ford Snubs Pride in Toronto and I lose a Facebook Friend – June 23, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Geez I get tainted with Rob Ford.  First at Queen’s Park someone thought I was him, and now, after snubbing the Pride Parade in Toronto so he can hang with his homeys at the cottage I end up losing what I thought to be a thoughtful and intelligent Facebook friend.

Now I can understand Pride supporters being upset not only by Mayor Ford not showing up for a major event; but the manner in which he’s rejected it surely is poor politics at the least or one of the many ism’s at its worst.

However on Facebook a chat evolved where people were getting with the “fatism’ as though somehow his girth or size had something to do with him having no courtesy to a large segment of his population that throw a heck of an event and party that helps fill his city’s coffers.

His narrow vision and boorish comments should be at issue, but watching comment after comment attacking his weight from this group that forever has been maligned seemed grossly hypocritical and just as bad as as I’m sure many people feel he felt about them.

Two wrongs never make a right.  When I pointed this out in the facebook chat I wasn’t attacked, but it obviously didn’t click with the host of the thread and the other comments.

I’m not a big fans of isms.  I like to like or dislike people and groups based on their words, deeds, and accomplishments.  Call me funny that way!

So I unfriended this person; which I’m not sure is a word; in defense of a person whose position I didn’t agree with.   It’s a crazy world, but sometimes you have to take a stand even though I’ll miss the posts of this normally intelligent and entertaining person.

For those of you in or visiting Toronto next week here’s the link to the Toronto Pride WEBSITE.

What do you think my fellow Canadians?   Should Mayor Ford have snubbed the Pride event in Toronto in the manner he has?  Should he have faked it or simply said the right thing and sent another city official?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. That’s depressing. You’d think that a group of (historically) ridiculed people would see the hypocrisy.

  2. Author

    Yup. I know the moment was heated and people were freshly incensed, but freedom of speech isn’t only about people who agree with you you can’t say don’t hate me and then hate others for similar reasons. Religion; colour, size, who you cuddle with and trade spit with, those are all very personal choices and nobody in my opinion should be condemned, or lose a job, or have businesses not do business with them based on such crap.

  3. It’s sad but I think true that most people have a gene that causes them to fear or dislike anyone who is different in ANY way. Believe it or not, I actually know cops who hate firefighters, and firefighters who hate cops! Everybody needs somebody to kick, it seems.

  4. “unfriended”—excellent, highly apt, Jamie, and perhaps we heard it first on CFN. As to the gist of your article, unfortunately the critical size issue these days is puffed-up leaders with tiny minds. Remember that Harper snubbed Pride a few years ago.

  5. Harper would have lost a pile of western votes had he attended or supported any Pride event. Interesting that two of his most trusted cab mins are John Baird and Jason Kenney.

  6. Author

    How so Furtz?

  7. The Reform/Alliance/ Conservative movement was started in Alberta by serious Christian fundamentalists. Preston Manning, Deborah Grey, Stockwell Day, and PM Steve got the ball rolling. They should have called the movement “Homos Aren’t Us”. The idea that John Baird and Jason Kenney can hold high positions in this party all these years later is encouraging. I have no use for either of them, but it’s good that their sexuality isn’t holding them back.

  8. Good for Mayor Ford – family first, his job second! A gene called Xenophobia, Furtz! So if it is genetic, we can not be held accountable for our actions – we are made that way? Dr. Furtz you are brilliant! First a psychologist, now a genetic engineer. You never cease to amaze me.

  9. @ the preacher. Get help.

  10. Dr. Furtz: I can’t figure out why our counseling sessions are not working? I am so glad they are free!

  11. Author

    Now boys let’s not get personal….please 🙂

  12. Seems to me that the preacher is in attack mode on this thread.

  13. Good link, Furtz.

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