Demonstration in front of Cornwall City Hall for Traffic Light after Motorcycle Fatality – June 25, 2011

Cornwall ON – A group of demonstrators marched in front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario on Thursday as they are hoping that the city will respond and put a traffic light at the corner of McConnell and South Branch Road after a recent motor cycle accident claimed a life.

Provincial Liberal candidate Mark A MacDonald was present for the demonstration signing the petition as well.

Organizer Katie Ledoux expressed her frustrations at the lack of response from the city, but had accumulated over 400 signatures on a petition.


What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Lack of response from the City of Cornwall doesn’t surprise me in the least because they probably think that just one life isn’t enough to warrant a set of traffic lights. I think that if the traffic lights will help prevent another fatality then lets do it! Hang the cost!

  2. I think there should have been a light there for years now.The stop signs are really big and accidents are still happening..

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