200th Anniversary in Dalkeith Ontario by Michael E Cartwright – June 27, 2011

CFN – Artist Michael Cartwright was kind enough to send in some photos and a blurb about the 200th  Anniversary of Dalkeith.

Although Dalkeith was a hub of activity surrounding the unveiling of the 200th anniversary stone , Frances Fraser  took the time to congradulate and thank South Lancaster Artist Michael E.Cartwright for his donational painting of St.Paul’s Chapel circa 1930.Both the painting and the stone can serve as rich reminders of the  heritage in the region that allows moments of reflection as to when, where and how history weaves community fabric.The fate of the painting lays in the hands of the acorn 2011  organizers as to how it can raise funds  most effectively.More information can be seen by visiting the very well organized acorn 2011.com web site.The acorn is powerful center icon for the commemorative 200th T-shirt.

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