Well it’s Official. I am now on the board of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce – June 27, 2011

Cornwall ON – Well more life changes today.    During my brief tenure as a political candidate I shared that I believed in “Evolution, not Revolution.”

The concept is very simple.  If you want change you have to work mightily to make it happen, and the best way to see change is to get involved in what exists.  If you don’t like how for instance a city is run you run for city council.   You get on committees, and you step by step try and make positive change.  It takes patience and you have to work with others.    There’s give and take and you always have to remember not only your own goal, but that of the team that you belong to.

That of course is easier said than done, but it usually gets more results than simply complaining or sometimes holding up a sign.

Today the official announcement has been made that I have joined the board of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce.    I ran for election, and  was told that I hadn’t won; although at the time the chamber had a policy of not revealing vote counts which I was told last week has been changed.

See, good things happen if you work towards them.   It an honour to serve for the remainder of this term.      I’d also like to thank the late Joe Gunn, long time Chamber board member and former treasurer, who encouraged and motivated me to see the value of the chamber and why it was so important to serve and contribute rather than simply voice complaint.

I’m a firm believer in small and micro business.  I think it’s truly how you build communities.   It’s great when a big box store or business comes to a town and employs people; but the rewards of owning your own business; entrepreneurship; and working essentially as the keeper of one’s own path can be magical at times.  It creates a culture of hope and success too when it works.

I was asked why I ran all those months ago and I was candid then as I am now.  I felt that there was room for a lot of improvement in this region and that much of that improvement could come from the membership of the Chamber.   With over 700 members a lot of positive things can be accomplished and I’ve seen how this community can pull together and create things such as the hospital expansion.

I’m hoping that the many people I’ve spoken with who have become disillusioned with being a member rejoin and help have their vision percolate through the organization.    I hope more members become involved in Chamber life and activities.   I think as busy as business people are they need to voice what’s important to them.   And I think we in the Chamber have a responsibility to listen and help some of those visions become positive change.

I’m hoping that a more small business and local culture evolves within the Chamber staff, and that we can all work together to make some positive, open, and productive changes.

And if time allows I’d like to see not only the Spring show revitalized, but a return of the Fall show.    As someone that has run over 200 events I think that if done openly, and productively they can be a huge success for all involved.

It takes vision; it takes leadership; and it takes a great group of people working together in an open and truly welcoming manner.

That’s my hope on joining this organization and I invite anyone to email me at info@cornwallfreenews.com or call me at 613 361 1755 if they want to discuss any Chamber or small business issue further.   To contact the Chamber itself you can phone them at Tel:(613) 933-4004 or visit the Chamber website.

My door is open and I welcome the chance to help with any issue.

Jamie Gilcig

Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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