You Want to Wirelessly Re-charge Your Tools? – Solar News by Dr. Zara Dobson – July 3, 2011

CFN – So there’s this brand-new phenomenon going along side our obsession with the most desirable wifi items [1], and it’s how to best keep their electric batteries completely full. With lots of the brand-new pads and tablets, mobiles, and portable computers the only common difficulty is the most fast and easy alternative to have them charged. I began thinking exactly what I would likely do with some of these different gizmos and now I think about what I would do with out them. I also worry nighttime whether I’ve got most of them on their proper cables and wires and charging up for the morning ahead.

When the tech gadgets initially hit the marketplace there were wires linked with the Universal series bus slots on the desktop computer. This appeared to be like a pretty fresh approach for me initially. I was a follower of the convenience with which one could quite simply connect the accessory in during the night while viewing e-mail. Unfortunately, like numerous things, this subsequently became a problem. How can I get my device with me throughout the house if it may need to remain connected at the laptop?



After that came the Universal serial bus wall adapter. I went looking for one of these soon once my 1st touch screen phone expense. I needed to put it in to the wall in my bedroom so that I would’ve it with me during the night, but I did not have anything but the Universal serial bus charging connection to charge it. Next thing I realised, the wall adapter was coming with many of the accessories I purchased.




Over the last couple of years, I’ve started to study and experience stuff regarding wire-less recharging mats. From whatever I recognized first, they were requiring particular cases for the items to utilize them. Fairly recently, this was eliminated. The world of wireless charging is getting ready to bust wide open.




We need to place a pin in that theme. We will be back in a little while. At the moment, we must consider the importance of eco-friendly concept [2]. A lot of negative people to green tech will tell you it’s tree-hugging talk to get individuals to buy higher priced products and that it’s all an absurd effort because not one of the negative consequences are essentially occurring. Whether or not that is true, the only complication with that issue is what number of individuals are in the world. As a consequence of the number of individuals living on the earth and the total number of them using coal and natural gas driven electrical energy, we have started to have a challenge. Now look at the quantity of them that will have kids and exactly how that will grow the number of individuals utilizing electricity and non-renewable fuels. The only responsible thing to try is for hi-tech to offer efficient answers at the moment that can become natural green specifications subsequently [3].




With that in mind, ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you the 1st green method to re-charge wire-less all of your cellular products, Panasonic’s very new solar-powered wire-less recharging table. Due to be released at the end of this year or early 2012, the brand new table will make use of solar powered energy generated by the solar cells on the face of the table to recharge the tools positioned on the table! It’s the potential future of a renewable pv technology that is Qi enabled.




What is Qi you ask? Qi has been produced by the wireless power consortium as a default specification to be utilised by the manufactures of charging items, like our recently released table, and the products which they will power up, just like your brand new smartphone that is touchscreen display equipped, views guides and has a foldout full-sized pc style keyboard. This contemporary Qi technological innovation has only existed since the beginning of this season, but everyone is looking forward to quick integration and a score of gadget launches. The usage of Qi with older wire less gadgets is almost guaranteed, and we will undoubtedly be learning a little more about Panasonic’s modern solar-powered wireless charging table and a lot of other Qi empowered chargers in the future.




If you would like to explore more about solar pv and the ways to add it in your life I wish to offer you these complementary guides:




– [1] Here you can evaluate more in detail the content regarding the photovoltaic table. is a spin-off of CScout, it is just a web service to assist buyers to study the Nippon marketplace and its purchasers delivering the most up-to-date technology stories. They were the very first to report the media about the <a href=”“>solar energy table completely wireless</a>




– [2] Here you’ll have a clear view on how to use solar energy to charge up most device’s batteries (i.e. cell phone, car or truck batteries, etc…). If you’re not in a position to spend the money for the cost to set up a non-commercial solar power system, it could be an ideal beginning to introduce you to solar power panels. 12voltsolarpanels.netis a free site maintained by Hettie. She gives you her activities with <a href=”“>12volt solar panels</a> to help individuals complete the passage from a full-time electric power dependency to a productive electricity efficiency suggesting solar powered energy to people that need small chargers.




– [3] If you’re able to spend the money for the investment to setup residential solar panels for your own residence (or meet the requirements for solar tax credits or incentives), here some articles or reviews to help you see how solar energy panels operate and ways to integrate them in your life. is a non profits site that is focused entirely on pool heating. Rosalind (the blogger) uses to say it is truly the step one when choosing to use solar power. A lot of people begin with <a href=”“></a> and discover how solar power systems work, then prefer to pass to pv for energy.


Dr Zara Dobson is a former post doctoral specialist at the Program of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She received a qualification in electronics research and technology, and continued her study into a Ph.D. working in the Bio Medical and Multimedia systems Information Technology for the University of Sydney, Australia. She has been a rater for numerous leading magazines in the renewable energy sector i.e. “Renewable Energy World”.

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