Former Star Tek workers raise funds for local OSPCA and Report on What May Have Caused Evacuation of Cornwall Ontario Facility Released – July 10, 2011

Cornwall ON –  We’re catching up on some Star Tek news here in Cornwall Ontario.    We received the following about the Fund Raisers for the local OSPCA that was attended by Former and current Star Tek employees.

“A group of former StarTek employees recently held a get-together at the Knights of Columbus as a way to celebrate the great times they shared while working together.  

The event was headed by Cynthia Stead along with Louise LeBlanc and Paddy Primeau.  Approximately 80% of the event was made possible through donations which included the food, entertainment, gift certificates and decorations.  

A huge “thumbs up”  goes out to the following local businesses for their generosity:  Riley’s Bakery; Balloonies; Floral Expressions; Bruyere’s Restaurant; Players Club; Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut. 

A special thanks to “Whiskey Sour” and “Nat & Perry” for providing entertainment for the evening.  An amount of $195 was raised from this event which was given to the OSPCA.  A great time was had by all.


I had the chance to interview Whiskey Sour during their Sound Check!


In less popular news it looks like the results of the evacuation from Star Tek have been published or at least reported in.  Many staff have complained that they are not being paid for all lost time during the 3 days lost due to the evacuation which according to the images below; if accurate, are the result of cleaning solutions used in the plant.

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The first page is from June 20 and outlines the shut down of the Vincent Massey facility.

The second image, dated June 12, outlines the initial actions taken.

It had not been released that one of the first responders became ill on entry on June 20th.   We do know that reports have come in and appeared on facebook that Bilingual Bell Star Tek employees were bussed to work outside of Cornwall thus losing less or no pay while those working the English AT&T side were alleged to only be paid 12 of the 24 hours involved.

And there you have in this report that cleaning solutions used on the Bell side of the facility might not have been properly used thus putting staff at risk and possibly resulting in the illness suffered by 21 staff and one first responder.

If you have further information regarding this story or see news happen please email our hotline

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  1. The pay for the 3 days is not “alleged” to be 12 of the owed 24 hours – it “is” 12 hours. Pay stubs were issued Friday – checking with some co-workers, our direct deposit is short just over 12 hours (StarTek’s phone system sometimes erroneously logs agents off and management doesn’t always correct the record – even though we often have to work past our scheduled end time we don’t always get paid the full shift never mind the extra.) Each of the three shifts were identically coded “EVACP” for the entire 8 hour shift, yet we got 8 hours for the Monday, 3 hours for the Tuesday and zero hours for the Wednesday. Section 60 of the Employment Standards Act clearly states the the terms of employment cannot be changed nor consented to once the mandatory 16 weeks termination notice has been given. The ministry says that we are entitled to our full pay, so where is it? StarTek might get away with this in the Philippines, but we’re not putting up with this in Cornwall!

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