Ask Your Pilot Questions About Flying – Why Do Planes Fly So High ? – July 11, 2011 – Toronto Ontario

Toronto ON – Pilot Dan Baz is answering your flying questions here on the Cornwall Free News.


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Why do jet airplanes fly so high?   Question sent in by Carlos

At higher altitudes the air is less dense, therefore it is easier for the airplane to fly through that air due to lower drag. Typically jet airplanes fly at altitudes around 10,000 meters or 35,000 feet. Altitude of airplanes is measured in feet, all over the world, except in Russia and China where it is in meters.
For the airplane wings to generate sufficient lift for a level flight, the airplane has to fly fast. The limiting high speed at that altitude is the speed of sound. Large jet airplanes normally fly at a speed of approximately 80% of the speed of sound.

A bit more about Captain Dan:

Captain Dan Baz enrolled in Flight School at the age of 16.

He has completed studies in Aircraft Engineering and Master of Business Administration. He has been at the controls of many different types of aircraft, from single engine Cessnas to large intercontinental jets on global routes.

Over the last four decades he has flown thousands of hours up in the blue sky.

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