Controversial Wheel Chair Claim response from City of Cornwall Ontario – “Building Permit Application Never Submitted to City” July 15, 2011

Cornwall ON-   A front-page story in the Thursday, July 14 edition of the Standard-Freeholder portrayed a situation where a city resident has been waiting for three weeks for the City to issue a building permit for the construction of a wheelchair access ramp.
As of this morning, the City has yet to receive a building permit application for this project.

“We cannot process an application that we have not received,” noted Paul Fitzpatrick, Chief Administrative Officer for the City.

Mr. Chris Rogers, Chief Building Official and Supervisor of Bylaw Enforcement, met this morning with the person who will be designing the ramp and submitting the building permit application.  That individual has indicated that an application may be submitted as early as this afternoon.

“Once we receive the application, we will expedite it, as we would normally with an application of this nature,” said Mr. Rogers.







  1. So if I understand correctly….the application was not submitted to the city and therefore the city could not act on it. So the Freeholder was not properly advised?

  2. Author

    Jacqueline we printed what was provided via the city via release. Cornwall gets a bad rap on many issues it’s quite innocent on.

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