Cornwall Ontario Game Makers Starting To Play! Incubator Has Great Hopes! July 16, 2011

Cornwall ON –  Some amazing stuff is sprouting in the Cornwall Ontario area and Kristine Pickens from the Cornwall Game Makers sent in the following.


“Video games have an interesting history. From the time of their invention in the 1940’s there was a lot of controversy over the assumed role they played – pun

Kristine Pickens - Photo by Tricia Lee Robinson

intended – in society. We now have a community here in Cornwall rich in game players, from Facebook applications that have a large demographic of women to the widely popular health encouraging Nintendo Wii games. With any art, engineered product, piece of furniture, etc,.. there are those who designed the functional elements. 




There is a large growth in the people who want a piece of the development pie. Independant game development group Cornwall’s Game Makers is shaping, baking and slicing a piece of that pie.




Lindsey Lachance




Cornwall’s Game Makers are looking to add visual interest, excellent programming and game play, engaging storyline and memorable music and sound effects.

The group is only at the beginning stages right now, but are hoping to start small, possibly in the Facebook Application market but the sky is the limit, and the talk between the group is that with the collective achievements and action, perhaps it could blossom into something big.

Here in Cornwall. 


The inspiration and electrifying gaming industry has taken people in and looking to get into the gaming industry by storm. From the likes of Final Fantasy, Diablo 2, Lord of the Rings and even the Mario series. Little bits and pieces making up the desire and drive to continue the lineage and evolution of what was once a past time.


Both Lindsey and Bryan are recent graduates from the Game Development Technician program here at St. Lawrence College. They worked in programming languages, methodologies and the various applications of game development. Liz Leduc is a musician specializing in guitar, piano and has dabbled in sound effects. Kristine is a Graphic Design (St. Lawrence College, Kingston), 3D Animation and 3D Game Artist (Centre for Distance Education), graduate that has a long history of visual character development in many mediums.



Lindsey is now a Game Tester at a company in Montreal; one of the most coveted ways to get a foot in the door into the gaming industry. Liz Leduc promotes her music writing and playing through her Facebook page “Liz Leduc’s classical accoustic music” and has played at various local events including Rock for Charity. Kristine Picken is a Graphic Designer at a local company in Cornwall, and her portfolio can be viewed here:




All of the team members are gamers with a love not only for the play, but the integration of their skills and talents in the development of that love. 




Cornwall’s Game Makers is still on the lookout for those that are interested in participating in the project. Any person that may have skills or talent in the arts, programming, project development and management, writing, etc,… can contact Kristine Picken by telephone 613-935-6818, or messaging on the Facebook page, “Cornwall’s Game Makers”.”


Please contact either Kristine, Shaun Bryan (, Lindsey Lachance ( or Liz Leduc (, for more information.

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