Dalkeith Ontario Celebrates its 200 Years of History – July 21-24 photos and story by Michael Cartwright – Blue Nose

From left to right Frances Fraser,Rose Marie Deley,Peggy Phillips,Jean MacLennan,Joelle Claudon,Douglas Irvine,Maggie Dean,Denny Allen,Tish Nicholson,Clara Taylor,Nichole St.Pierre,Jaques Lavigne.
Dalkeith ON – The Dalkeith Historical Society gathers around the alter in St.Paul’s Chapel,Dalkeith for a photo op launching the “pick your own nose ” campaign that will be in the chapel for the All Day Bicentennial  Festival Saturday,July 23,2011 in Dalkeith.
The Icon Blue Nose magnate available for a toonie ($2.00) is produced locally by South Lancaster artist Michael Cartwright who will donate half the funds generated to restore and maintain the Historic building and will be present all day dressed as a priest in a wardrobe donated by Upper Canada Village.  He hopes to have the display available at other locations in an ongoing effort to educate and promote historic conservation that eluded schooner BLUENOSE,Pride of the Atlantic and undefeated fast and fearless champion of the Fisherman’s Trophy until 1938.
Remembered now for all time on the Canadian dime she ended her life de-masted as a barge and sank during a storm in Haitian waters in 1946.
The chapel will be open to the public to view many of the regions Artists and Crafts people and a beautiful display of quilts will be featured.
An exciting opportunity to view until recently a fully functional church from an era swiftly disappearing.
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  1. This event deserves your support. It shows how a small village can build a big spirit.

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