All Things Food Wants to Know About Your Community Garden! July 20, 2011 Mountain Ontario

Mountain ON –Are you part of a Community Garden in SDG?  The All Things Food Community Food Network is conducting an inventory of all Community Gardens in the SDG area and would like to hear from you!The goal of the inventory is to provide a resource for individuals and groups looking for Community Garden plots and for individuals interested in volunteering at a Community Garden.  Individuals and groups interested in starting a Community Garden next year and community members interested in donating land to a garden project are also encouraged to contact All Things Food.

Community gardens can take on a variety of different formats, including Community Gardens with plots allocated for community members, Giving Gardens with produce benefitting those in need, and Learning or Demonstration gardens.  Numerous benefits accompany Community Gardens; the gardens provide access to fresh and nutritious food, teach persons how to grow and harvest food connect us to our environment, and overall make a region more food secure.

If you are part of any type of Community Garden in SDG, are interested in starting a garden next year, or have a plot of land that you’d be interested in donating toward a Community Garden project, please contact Dana Kittle, All Things Food Coordinator at (613) 875-3262 or

Photo: The House of Lazarus’s Community Garden in Mountain, ON is an example of one Community Garden in the SDG area.
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