Summer High Heat Warnings – Remember to Drink Lots of Water and Stay Hydrated! – July 20, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON –  With temperatures soaring and high humidity this week there are warnings for everyone, but in particular seniors and those with health issues like Diabetes.

Some of the things you can try and do to protect yourself is to make sure you stay hydrated.    Dehydration can be fatal.   Try and drink every so often.   Try to avoid high peak periods of sun and heat in the afternoon.

If you can try and be in areas that have air conditioning if you don’t have any like schools, most shopping malls, or areas that have good cover and shade.

Did we mention to drink lots?  Also, try and avoid caffeine as it can actually dehydrate you, and especially soda pop as it’s nasty in general.    Water works best.  Very cold drinks can cause cramping.  High sugar intake is also not advised.

Don’t over exert during peak sun and heat times.  If you have to work try and have two to four drinks per hour.  Again, water or even some sports drinks can help replenish your body’s fluids.

Lightweight and light colored clothing is key.  Hats and sunglasses where applicable are great too.

Do not leave children or pets in cars under any circumstances!

Common sense is the key.  Avoid heavy meals during high heat periods.   Try and limit sun exposure during peak periods.   Remember that pets need water too and can suffer from the heat too.   If you do find that you or someone near you is suffering from Heat Exhaustion make sure they get moved to a cooler area and consume water.    If the symptoms are serious seek medical attention.

A little bit of care and consideration of the sun and summer heat can make it safe and pleasant.

For more information contact your medical provider.

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