PC Candidate Jim McDonell rebuts Liberal Opposition on Small Business in Ontario – July 24, 2011

Cornwall ON – PC candidate sent us in the following in response to his Liberal opponent in the upcoming Provincial election here in SD&G Ontario:

I believe Mark is trying to deflect attention away from the Liberal’s dismal record.  Dalton McGuinty’s Open for Business initiative has been a complete failure. It has been three years since Dalton McGuinty identified red tape reduction as a top Liberal priority, yet small businesses continue to be subject to the heaviest regulatory burden in Canada that costs Ontario businesses $11 billion a year.  The Progressive Conservatives, led by Tim Hudak, will reduce this regulatory burden by 30%, appoint a Minister responsible, and hold the entire Cabinet responsible by docking its pay if this regulatory goal is not met.


The McGuinty Liberals knew full well that their so-called smart meter plan was a mess from the beginning, but they went full-steam ahead at the expense of hard-working Ontario families and small businesses.  Most businesses in Ontario can’t change their working hours to cover 7pm to 6am just to suit Dalton McGuinty. Smart meters – at a cost of more than $1 billion – have become nothing but government-sponsored tax machines, and now hydro distribution companies are revolting, asking the OEB for extensions on their time-of-use implementation dates until they can assist small businesses in their service territories adjust to the new, higher rates.  A Tim Hudak Government will provide a choice over mandatory smart meter energy pricing.


I see that the Liberals are proposing to follow our Progressive Conservative Party’s lead with the reduction of the general corporate income tax rate to 10%.  Let’s not forget that it was Liberals who raised this tax to 14%, who only now admit the devastating effect it has had on small businesses.  Dalton McGuinty’s tax grabs, expensive energy experiments and excessive red tape are handcuffing small businesses’ ability to grow, prosper and most importantly, create jobs.


On October 6th, Ontario’s small business owners will have a clear choice. They can choose four more years of more tax hikes, more red tape, and more expensive energy experiments under the McGuinty Liberals, or they can choose change with a Tim Hudak government, which will respect Ontario’s small business owners as the engine of Ontario’s economy and job creation.



Jim McDonell

Choose Cornwall


  1. In my opinion the Liberals have done a terrible job representing the people of Ontario I personally wouldn’t give you two cents for our useless local representative I have appeared in front of city Council on a regular basis and have found Mark McDonald to be useless it is time for a change a year ago when the progressive Conservatives started calling around I was still so unimpressed with their previous leader that I gave them the bum’s rush. But now it’s time for a change I don’t believe the Liberals understand the mass they have created nor do I think they have a plan to get back on the right track I was the Green party candidate in the last election and God help me I will be voting conservative in this provincial election. I am hoping that people really get informed there’s the whole L.H.I.N.,s thing that if the Conservatives can’t stop will plunge healthcare into a bigger mess than imaginable. When it comes to small business the Liberals have no idea how to help and don’t get me started on the mass they’ve created in Ontario Hydro. When things have to change change is going to come look out liberals here comes a change. I am sure there are things the Conservatives will do that I will not like but it’s time to make some hard choices and I’d rather someone who tells me the truth and take the chance of not getting my vote and somebody that will say anything to get my vote in this election I’m going with the party that’s not telling me what I want to hear but I believe at least is telling me the truth

  2. From all of the election platforms that I can remember Mike Harris is the only politician who did what he said he would do. Conservatives have always told the truth and I like what I hear from Tim Hudak. I’m going Conservative all the way!

  3. Only and insane taxpayer would vote for any party that wants to tax us to death for ideology!

    I agree with barbarian’s post……like it or not, the Conservatives have always told the truth in their platform. The liberals and NDP have always pitched what they thought taxpayers wanted to hear, omitting the fact that they will tax us to death for those ideology pitches!

    Tim Hudak will get our family vote and between him, PM Harper & Mayor Ford, “The Holy Trio”, Canadians only have to be patient while they clean up the liberal corruption & then we will see our taxes lowered once and for all.

  4. “Conservatives have always told the truth”…wow, that line could get you straight into the PMO.

    Hudak, Harper & Ford “The Holy Trio”… look out, Holy Trinity, you’re slipping in the polls.

  5. Jim, that regulatory burden that you & your Ontario Conservatives make mention of, were in place when your former leader Mike Harris came into power. Wasn’t it he that dismantled, or privatized many sectors that protected the citizens of Ontario ? The innocent people of Walkerton never in a million years, thought that their water could kill them. But it did ! That kind of regulatory burden, I can live with.

  6. Ah Yes. Good old Mike…Indian fighter (Ipperwash)….water and food inspector fighter (Walkerton and Maple Leaf Foods listeria)…. welfare fraud fighter (Kimberley Rogers)…. teacher fighter…. nurse fighter…. doctor fighter…
    librarian fighter…. and on and on. When that thug finally quite politics, so he could spend more time patching up his marriage, there was dancing in the streets!

  7. Those of the left vilify Mike Harris and his ‘Common Sense Revolution’. That shall not change as the philosophies are total opposite. I respected Mike Harris in that he was with vision of fiscal prudence and a politician of his word… certainly with much greater honesty and integrity than Pinocchio McGuinty. How anyone believes anything this politician utters is unfathomable.

    Unfortunately the Chretien/Martin government cutting transfer payments to the provinces as portion of plan to balance the federal budget had much effect on the Harris platform, leading to cutting of services to municipalities. The left of course flail their arms and fear mongers of the Mike Harris years. They however remain quiet as to Rae Days and the NDP spending bonanza that brought it on.

    The are lessons we can learn from fiscal prudence especially as we look at other countries such as Greece and the US. Greece for example was brought to its knees by unreasonable citizen entitlements and socialism that ignored economic realities. In essence the takers outnumbered the makers. Politicians in greed and lust for power refused to be fiscally responsible., failed to make hard choices. Instead they pandered for votes.

    When cuts and service reviews are proposed we should be willing to open our eyes and to listen. Especially when expenses are grossly exceeding revenues. To not give willingness of consideration in such situation is irresponsible. I don’t want a politician buying my vote today so as I can be in greater debt tomorrow. I already am with less money in my pocket than in years gone by. I do not want government that is with mantra of excessive political correctness and tax and spend philosophy. I much prefer fiscal responsibility and common sense. I would take Harris over McGuinty any day!

    Under McGuinty we have been taxed to death, government spending has increased 80% and in eight years the provincial debt has doubled. I know of no other political leader who has lied to the extent McGuinty has. Under his government, Ontario… has become in need of equalization payments. Gawd damn it’s no wonder Pinocchio’s party is down in the polls and rightly so! If we are fortunate it will stay that way and he will follow the fate of his federal cousins!The past three years under McGuinty’s stewardship Ontario racked up deficits of $19.3 billion in 2009-10; $16.7 billion in 2010-11and a projected $16.3 billion for this year… a extra $52 billion debt in three years!

    I believe Mark McDonald would work hard and give 100% effort as MPP. I also believe he would be pro-active and represent us well. That being said Mark would be subservient to McGuinty and I have no respect for McGuinty, I do not like his stewardship of our province. His lies and lacklustre performance is NOT something to be endorsed. Hello!!! A diehard Liberal or leftist can remain to blindly endorse McGuinty, but the remainder of us should know better! It scares me to hear McGuinty ads proclaiming if elected he will serve his full four years… GAWD FORBID!!!!

  8. Author

    Garfield. I’m frankly tired of the Right’s call for cuts to services. Let’s cut TAX LOOPHOLES. Let’s stop the pumping of our dollars offshore. Let’s not spend $35B on fighter jets. Let’s get some systemic accountability. You want fiscal responsibility I’m all for it. Right across the board. It’s much worse in the US, but it’s time to stop certain groups from wiping their shoes on those that don’t have any. Balance. I think that’s all anyone wants. The ability to make a living and enjoy some modicum of quality of life. Right now that pendulum is swinging far too much to the right and that’s just bad across the board unless you can afford the freight. We can afford to have decent medical coverage in the this country. We can afford the have decent education, and roads, and yes, even public services. And we can do that while allowing business to flourish. I

    Cutting for the sake of cutting as the Harris government showed is “penny wise and pound foolish”. I’m not stating that the status quo is the way to go, but so far I’ve heard nothing from any of the three parties that excites me. Frankly the only thing I’ve liked in the last four years has been the cuts to generic drugs. If any government can have the cojones to start to do that ACROSS THE BOARD they would have my vote because it’s all of our money that’s being spent and wasted.

  9. “Conservatives have always told the truth” Part 2:

    Others lie; today’s Conservatives misspeak.

    As when Flaherty misspoke saying he would not tax income trusts, and did; as when Oda misspoke in Parliament saying she did not insert NOT in that document, when she did.

    Before misspeaking, remember that Conservative icon Lyin Brian?

  10. “Balance.” Yes, admin. Right on. Frankly, the Right is unbalanced—disconnected from reality and humanity.

  11. I’m certainly not one to say Conservatives always tell the truth as politicians are… politicians! Some however tend to be more forthright and honest than others. I prefer a politician that says something I do not agree with but is being honest as opposed to one that tells me what is politically correct, the flavour of the day or what he thinks I want to hear. Dalton McGuinty the politician in my opinion is a habitual liar and absolute will spew whatever he believes his audience wants to hear. He is with a established track record of lies, broken promises and fiscal irresponsibility. I trust him not and have no respect for him.

    The pendulum is swinging to the right because it has been too far left too long. Personally I would be most happy if it would settle just right of centre. I want a quality of life, fiscal responsibility combined with some government services and safety nets. I believe if we are with fiscal responsibility and strength we are the better for it. Political correctness is not pro-active policy that solves core problems. I want real results, I want logical, common sense solutions, even if it is tough. Our fiscal fiasco with health care is a classic example. The answer is not to continue throwing money at it so as to give appearance of doing something. The answer is to look at what options and hard choices are required to keep it sustainable. What has McGuinty accomplished on this issue except to spend and waste millions of dollars with no net improvement. With education he has given teachers increased salaries but I fail to see improvement with end product. Political correctness and throwing more money at issues be damned. That has solved nothing… it is simply window dressing because gonads are lacking for real change..

    Some services are necessary and some are not. We are becoming over regulated and consumed by ever growing bureaucracy and red tape. That is obvious. Where is the balance? Where is the happy median? Personally I do not know, but I believe we can not keep going in this direction. I do not desire to be heavily government regulated. It is not necessary and it’s not beneficial, nor productive. There are core areas in need of government regulation yes, but it becomes so the government is ’empire building’. That is with too many costs both for business and individuals. It is not efficient, nor productive.

    I agree we can create so we can afford core services and also create so business can flourish… so let’s do it!!! It has not happened under McGuinty and I do not see it to happen with McGuinty. Can someone else do better? I am certainly willing to take a chance!

    With McGuinty I can see what I am getting… I do not like it and do not want it. To me he is little different than a ‘snake oil’ salesman. Reminds me of the show ‘Green Acres… Ontario is represented by the gullible Mr. Douglas and Dalton McGuinty is represented by the conniving salesman Mr. Haney. I enjoyed watching Green Acres in younger years, but with Dalton I’ve seen enough episodes, thank you very much!

  12. Hi Everyone,

    I personally have a hard time with the provincial election for several reasons:

    1) I think Mark MacDonald proved that he is a hard worker by how aggressive he came out of the gates in the local municipal election and by how he won the liberal nomination. He is also a family friend and when he was on council he always had an open ear and still to this day was the only council member to call and request to help at my corporate events. He truly demonstrates an amazing work ethic and it is nice to see and hear his passion for politics!

    However, I do not like Dalton McGuinty and his nickname Mc.Fibber suits him well! He has said he will exact change in the past and then did not follow through!

    The McGuinty government is a TAX and SPEND government that is clearly visible by how many new taxes they have created and raised such as the ECOTAX, HEALTH TAX, HST and Soaring HYDROBILLS!

    It is common for the Liberal Government to appeal to majority of voters by focusing on Health Care, Education and other Socail Aids but the fact of the matter is this Economy is in despair and we need to strengthen or economy by exacting JOB CREATING measures NOW!

    2) Jim McDonell is extremely professional well organized and is backed by the best platform….hands down! The Conservatives don’t have a perfect platform but alteast I believe that the major aspects of their platform will be implimented and are needed at this exact moment in time! The Conservative’s plan will help create jobs better than the liberals who have only recently about faced on lowering corporate taxes because it is a proven method of creating SUSTAINABLE WORK! Their focus on creating new apprenticeship opportunities and improving Ontario labour laws and unions is a positive PROGRESSIVE change!

    3) Elaine MacDonald is a very Dependable candidate but running for a party with a very weak platform and leader! Ultimately you are voting for a platform and now we need to vote for a leader we believe will actually Act on Their Promises! Horvath’s job is to finish second and if by some mircale the NDP would win our province would move backwards and not progress in areas needed at this point time! Their platform is a mash of policies and includes some exact opposite claims from last election proving that they are hungry for acclaimation and change!

    All in all, THREE AMAZING PEOPLE with three different platforms. The Conservative Party has the best Platform but I believe the Liberal Party has the best Candidate. I guess we will see whether the people will vote for a Local Candidate or for the Provincial Candidate.

    My favourite candidate in the Federal Election was Bernadette Clement and I have NO DOUBT that people voted for Harper over Ignatieff and NOT Lauzon over Clement!

    I would be happy with either a Liberal or Conservative election but I am a true Conservative and believe that the best thing for our Province, our Community and our Small Businesses would be a Conservative Victory!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

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