Jack Layton Takes Leave as NDP Leader Due to New Found Cancer – Nycole Turmel of Hull Aylmer to Interim Lead – July 25, 2011

Cornwall ON –  Jack Layton has announced he’s taking a temporary leave of absence upon the discovery of another Cancer.   The long time leader of the NDP who captured the most seats ever for the party in the 2011

Nycole Turmel


Video we shot at the Olympia Theatre in Montreal


Most likely to temporary takeover for Mr. Layton is Nycole Turmel of Hull Aylmer.    Our best wishes go out to Mr. Layton and his family during this time and the battle ahead for a great Canadian Politician.

Local Federal NDP VP Elaine MacDonald emailed us in the following quote:

All of us party members and supporters are saddened that Jack has this burden to shoulder. However, we know Jack has tremendous strength and boundless optimism and as supporters, we encourage people to reflect that same hope and optimism back to him. We support this decision to make his health his priority at this time. With regard to Nicole Turmel, Jack’s recommendation as interim leader we have absolute confidence in her. We remember that she has always demonstrated great leadership and purpose, and as national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada during its epic battle with the federal government for pay equity, she showed herself worthy of the honour and responsibility that Jack asks of her.
Our thoughts, hopes, prayers and best wishes are with Jack and his family at this time.
Elaine MacDonald, vp of the federal NDP riding association of SDSG.

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  1. All the best, Jack, in your battle and recovery. In your eloquent words of hope and optimism, and in your personal courage, you represent the best of Canada. Get well and come back soon. Canada needs you.

  2. This saddens me.

  3. Jack looked and sounded very frail today. I sure do hope he wins this fight.
    Best wishes to him and his family.

  4. Mr Layton is an endangered breed of a very selective group of politicians; integrity, proffesional acumen and love for his constituency and for the ideals he stands for. I will wish the best of you mr layton, and hope for the best. To lose you would be to lose the soul of parliment, and whatever good is left of our country.

  5. Captain Jack, hurry back! They need your hand on the helm of the good ship NDP, lest she flounder.

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