Cornwall Ontario and Area Police Blotter for Tuesday July 26, 2011

Cornwall ON –  Here is your police blotter for the Cornwall Ontario area for Tuesday July 26, 2011.


(North Stormont, On.) – On July 25th, at approximately 8:00pm, SD&G OPP officers were dispatched to a domestic dispute on Church St, Finch in North Stormont County.
The investigation revealed that a male and female engaged in a verbal argument resulting in the female contacting police.  Shortly after officers arrived, a physical altercation occurred between the male and the officers.
The 39 year old male from Greely, Ontario was arrested and faces charges of;

  • Assault Police
  • Resist Arrest
  • Breach of Probation (x2)

The male was held in custody for a bail hearing to take place at Cornwall Criminal Court on July 26.


25July11(5:20pm)- SD&G OPP officer stops a vehicle on Main St. in village of Lancaster, South Glengarry.  Officer and many citizens near by witnessed multiple aggressive driving infractions which resulted in the driver being charged with stunt driving.  The driver received a 7 day licence suspension as well as a 3 day licence suspension for producing a warn reading on Alcotest at roadside.  The vehicle was also seized for 7 days.
25July11(10:20pm)-  SD&G OPP officer stops an eastbound Acura on Hwy 401, South Dundas….159 km/h (posted 100 km/h zone)24July11(5:22pm)- SD&G OPP officer stops a westbound Lexus on Hwy 401, South Glengarry….156 km/h (posted 100km/h zone)

24July11(3:30pm)- SD&G OPP officer stops a northbound Toyota on Hwy 138, North Stormont…..147 km/h (posted 80 km/h zone)

23July11(4:00pm)- SD&G OPP officer stops an eastbound Ford on Hwy 401, South Glengarry….162 km/h (posted 100km/h zone)

22July11(12:50pm)- SD&G OPP officer stops an eastbound Toyota on Hwy 417, North Glengarry….155 km/h (posted 100 km/h zone)
22July11(12:00pm)- SD&G OPP officer stops an eastbound Toyota van on Hwy 417, North Glengarry….152 km/h (posted 100 km/h zone)

22July11(10:00pm)-  SD&G OPP officer stops an eastbound Honda SUV on Hwy 417, North Glengarry…. 155 km/h (posted 100km/h zone)

All drivers’ received a 7 day licence suspension and all vehicle were towed and are being held for 7 days.

And from the Cornwall Police:



Cornwall, Ont. – Bruce David McDougald, 45, of Cornwall was arrested on the 24th of July, 2011 for breaching his conditions.  He was bound by a Probation Order with conditions to Keep the Peace and be of Good Behaviour and to Abstain from the purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol.  On the offence date, it is alleged that the male made had consumed alcohol.  Police attended his residence on an unrelated matter and located him under the influence of alcohol.  He was arrested for 2 counts of Breach of Probation and released to appear in court on the 13th of September, 2011 to answer to the charges.





Cornwall, Ont. – The Cornwall Community Police Service is investigating a break and enter which occurred sometime between July 22nd at 05:00 pm and July 25th at 07:00 am at a Campbell Street business.  The suspect(s) gained access into the building by throwing an interlock brick through a glass door.  If you have any information, please contact the Service at (613) 932-2110.





            Cornwall, Ont. – The Cornwall Community Police Service is investigating a break and enter into a shed which occurred on July 23rd, 2011 in the 500 block of McConnell Avenue.  The suspect(s) tampered with the shed lock which resulted in a broken window.  If you have any information regarding this break and enter, please contact the Service at (613) 932-2110.

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