Iroquois Golf Course Senior Champions Tour S.L.V. by Reg Coffey – July 26, 2011

Iroquois ON – Today I spent the morning playing golf in Iroquois. This is the second Tuesday morning that I have played a round in Iroquois. After the notice of the Brownell golf tournament here in the CFN, I posted a reply asking where, when, how much and if they would accept single registration instead of a foursome?
PJ Robertson sent me an email inviting me to join him at the tournament but also suggested I join him at this weekly event at the Iroquois Golf Club.   My first reaction was I can’t play at a seniors tournament but then realized that I do indeed qualify.   Anyway, I went and I enjoyed myself so this week I brought my camera and notebook.

The Iroquois Golf Club is the best golf course by a dam site.   That was the running joke at my first week at the senior’s tour but, as you can see from the picture, the golf course is right on the bank of the St. Lawrence River within clear view of the control damn for the Seaway. The course is open, airy and forgiving, unless of course you put your ball in the river, then it’s not so forgiving. This golf course was built as part of the seaway development in 1959 when they had to move Iroquois back from the banks of the river.

Currently here is some controversy about the club.   It used to be run by the members but they had trouble paying the property taxes and the upkeep of the course.   The municipality took over the course and contracted the operation of the course to a private company based in Quebec.   The plan was to maintain the status quo for two years while working on a plan to redevelop the surrounding lands and incorporating the golf course in the development.   Only one year to go before the plan is to be presented to the municipality for approval.   I do hope that the new plan doesn’t change this sweet forgiving and scenic golf course.

While the course is great, the tournament wouldn’t be anything without the players and organizers of this creative and fun filled weekly seniors tournament.  Don Poland has been organizing the tournament for about 10 years and it runs like a well oiled machine.   The format is 9 holes, best ball scramble but each week they add a little kink.   They rotate from the front 9 to the back 9 and sometimes they will play Nassau (I’m not sure what that is but I’m sure I will find out) or another variation of play. This week we were told we could only use 4 clubs. It didn’t affect my game much. I can’t really use any of them.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even when their ball went in the river or got lost in the long grass (OK when my ball got lost in the long grass). There is obvious friendship and camaraderie between all of the players and they eagerly accepted me into their group. At the end of the game, there are small prizes for the low score and other performance based tasks which I didn’t ask about because I knew I would never be awarded them. We all had lunch from the excellent kitchen at the golf club and then they drew names for a cash draw which we all donated to when we registered.  Just about everyone wins something and it just adds to the light hearted fun of this weekly event.
Here you will see the majority of the members of the Seniors Champions Tour including Marley the dog, who is the unofficial mascot and geese herder.
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  1. Great piece and pictures, Reg. Do the players in the group photo know how to access CFN so as to view your masterpiece?

  2. A couple know. I gave Don my business card and I did tell a few but I suspect they may have been patronizing me.

  3. Patronizing in the sense of interest in buying your coffee, I trust.

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