Open Mind Eco-Festival Celebration and Well-being August 9th -16th 2011 – Whispering Pines Campsite – Curran Ontario

Cornwall ON –  I discovered Whispering Pines Campsite in Curran Ontario last month.  It’s an amazing place and I’ll be returning in August for the Open Mind Festival!  I’ll be live on the site covering some of the events so stay tuned!
OpenMind Festival is a gathering of Celebration, Visionary arts, Transcendent music, Conscious workshops and Well-being. It’s a balanced ecstatic celebration of life!Come celebrate the ecstasy of life in nature!
OpenMind is a unique, visionary and enchanted festival!
A place where there’s no boundaries, where we are all One
A space where we find our deep-rooted connection with nature
A time which allows well-being, to heal and reconnect with ourselves
A moment of pure expression and sharing, without limits or judgment
A break in time to celebrate ecstasy of life in nature!It’s a festival where visionary arts, transcendent music and spirituality are united
to give us the opportunity to seize the moment, live fully, outside our daily routines, in a supernatural universe.
It’s an occasion we give ourselves to contemplate life and let our inner-child emerge
To live in moments of peace, unconditional love and ecstasy; of Pure Life
To celebrate time while we still have time!
To live life fully
Live Love
Without Limits…OpenMind Festival started from a vision; a vision to help consciousness to arise, to help us all to awaken about environment, nature, others, and about ourselves. This seed has grown into the OpenMind Eco-Festival; a gathering of celebration, well-being and peace much involved in sustainability.

The vision of the festival is to burst current paradigms to enter in a new sustainable and free era; as well as to create an important positive impact on the environment, societies and global consciousness. To achieve this, our mission is to create individual and global change by creating spaces to allow the blooming of our children’s hearts and the experience of a new healthy, balanced and sustainable way of living. We put forward an extensive sustainable plan which you can consult on our website.

OpenMind Eco-Festival is not only a visionary gathering of celebration, but also a moment to take care of ourselves; to reconnect with nature, with others and our inner child. The one week event has many different activities to offer: A sunny music stage playing world music, tribal, psychedelic trance, goatrance, psy-tribal, reggae, dub, trance; an ambient music stage playing ethnic music, Indian, psybient, downtempo ambient; an extensive yoga/workshops/conferences stage on a variety of conscious subjects; a healing area where all kind of therapist and healers offer free treatments; An enchanted forest to purify the contemplative mind; a visionary art exhibition; a giant labyrinth; a conscious cinema; sweat lodges; positive ceremonies; circus performances and original animations; a children’s village; a community kitchen; an artisans village; conscious restaurants and much more!

The concept of the festival is to create a moment out of ordinary life, out of time, to be able to experience new things, to discover new tools for enlightenment, to live fully each moment without thinking about anything else. To achieve this, besides all activities offered and quite innovative decorations, all activities (but food) are free on site. Enjoy!

And for more about Whispering Pines check out their website HERE.   It’s an amazing place and you can even just pop up for the day for mediation, walking the woods and paths, or just chilling by their beach!
Best Western


  1. This Festival Is 24 hour non stop Psy, dub electronic music pumping through your soul. I was there last year. I can honestly say that there is no way possible that the feeling cold be replicated. As everything las year was natural and this year everyone wants to feel what the people felt last year. There will be onlookers making the last year people feel unconfortable. Too much Hype, and not enough spontanuity. Be the creator and not the follower. I may still go as the wispering pines is a beautiful place ran by wonderfull friends of mine. Be advised, many people here practice very spiritual behaviour and any sign of somone not familiar and making fun of could cause disturbances.

  2. what’s the DJ lineup?

  3. @ Jim. It looks like a really good event, but as a Pastafarian, I have a few reservations.
    Would a person such as myself, wearing a colander hat, feel welcomed and accepted?

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