Perez Hilton Sliding Down the Traffic Pole since going Nice Nice – July 30, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., better known to the world as Perez Hilton.    It’s interesting.   As a struggling actor with a very large forehead he decided to take his passion for nasty gossip to the internet and built a fortune on the back of scribbles over celeb photos and the hypocrisy of the fact that people truly do love nasty.

They gossip; they criticize, and it’s a big business.   For Mario it’s led to other websites,  money, power, hair dye, and I’m sure more nookie than he would’ve had prior.

But success and fame got to him.   He started to listen to some of the voices in his head; many from his new star friends who like a bad movie urged him to be kinder and gentler.

So he did.  He made a big announcement about it too which we covered back in October of 2010  LINK .

Unlike those Hollywood movies where the Grinch grows a heart and Cindy Loo Hoo gives you a lollipop though his numbers have slid.  Mightily.


Again is still a very strong web presence, but is this slippery slope an end?   Sometimes you just have to be who you really are, and yes Virginia; 4 out of 5 dentists do prefer to see Santa on fire running down the street while the elves throw snow balls at him.   It’s just human nature.   And like human nature expect the old Perez to show up sooner or later as his numbers decline.

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