Buskerville 2 – Good Tunes, Good Times, Hope for Buskerville 3 by Roy Berger – August 1, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

a bare foot Roxanne Delage in Action!

Cornwall ON –  Bongos, guitars and drums were the sound event in downtown Cornwall yesterday. Dozens of Cornwall’s musical artists openly played their unique tunes on Pitt Street.

Small crowds gathered to admire the sidewalk performances.

SD&G Arts & Cultural Partnership

Local pedestrian traffic was obviously higher, restaurants and stores were seeing action. Buskers raised money for charity.

The cards said that Buskerville 3 will be bigger if more people help organize it and that one nasty isn't a part of it.

Some musical entrepreneurs also had a hat on the sidewalk for themselves and that was good too. Local talent plunked strings and banged the skins, welcoming a day of warmth, smiles and being alive. I couldn’t resist saying thank you to all, by making the effort of dropping change into every hat.

Keegan Larose in front of Moustach Joe's

Good to see business being drummed up.

Roy Berger lives in the legendary artist’s community of Cornwall, Ontario where the palm trees bloom in the winter and a cool breeze blows in the summer.

Moustache Joes


  1. If you visit this event it will make you wonder why we don’t do this every weekend during the summer! Farmer’s Market, Sounds of Buskerville, Headliners at the Bandshell, Beautiful Lamoureux park by the water! Couldn’t hurt downtown busines!

  2. Congrats to Chaz and co. on Buskerville 2011. Last minute hitches aside, things seemed to go very well and was just plain fun to play at. I think Mike is onto something there by expanding down to the bandshell, perhaps as a ‘ wrapup festival’ where everyone who participated gets to play in the park. It could be used as a focal point for ‘ passing the hat’ so to speak , one last time. Don’t forget , this was all about raising money for the local animal shelter. From my view behind the snare drum, it seemed that was going well although final tallies I haven’t heard yet. One thing to possibly do. have a ‘ mini stage’ set up in specific areas. Schnitzels was a natural one, but why not have one just outside the parking lot @ Bojangles? Or, further up the street at the parking lot near Pitt and Third. Another idea might be to get the local watering holes along that strip involved and allow the talent to play for the patrons on their stages. Being at the ‘ Ground Floor’ of a burgeoning festival is a good thing, because there are no rules. You can try things and see if they work. Noticed that 96.1 had a table set up and was broadcasting live, I Saw the Cogeco gang out and filming up and down the street. Now if we can just get all the local media ‘ on board’, that would be impressive. Anyway, was nice to see some foot traffic downtown, perhaps when more and different acts are added next year, then the word of mouth will really start to spread. Again, Congrats Chaz, and all of the Volunteers who helped put Buskerville 2011 on.

  3. Author

    yes Jim and hopefully his team does more to promote the event as we only received a scant notice the Friday before and many business owners on Pitt Street said they weren’t even contacted by event organizers. If people work together great things can happen. That sometimes means pulling back on the egos and playing nice with others. And that one woman working with him needs a lesson in manners if she’s going to speak to people in public.

  4. It’s early for now but I would like to set somthing up for next year .
    Lots of good musicians and Ideas..
    Fernand “Guitar” Coleman .

  5. Well I would like to stop your negative train in its tracks. I did go to City Council . I did fill out the proper paper work. I hand delivered a letter to every single business ( not everyone was there , I put the letter in the mail box). The letter was concerning the event and street closure. By doing so I was granted the street closure.

    We did not contact you beause we just forgot. That was it that is all. No ego trips. Just a busy schedule. Isnt that enough. But no you have to insult us. And the nasty one is my wife. Who the hell do you think you are to speak about my wife like that. You are so arrogant . We will never need your services EVER!!!!!! Please do us a favour leave Cornwall. If you have to write an article defending yourself. It explains a lot about your poor character. I never thought we would be spoken to like this and treated like dirt. You are a piece of work Gilcig. I hope this blog goes in the can ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the thanks we get for trying to do something good.

  6. Author

    Chad I’m going to try this once. Only once so please listen if you want to actually dialog on this. People liked the concept last year. They wanted to support it. They like the idea of Buskerville. You had a small group of enthusiasts working with you and you had some city support. What happened to Carilyne? What happened to some of your other supporters. You had a whole year to set up B2; why wait until the last second?

    “We did not contact you beause we just forgot.” Gotcha. You want to run an event and be taken serious, and you forgot the number one ranked online media in your city that showed you a lot of love last year. Hmm…. Mirror Mirror on the wall……

    Do you think B2 was a success? Was it better than last year? What happened to Mr. McNamara photographing like last year?

    Again, you had a whole entire freaking year to organize the event.

    Buskerville is good. It should be expanded like I think you or someone else wrote. Have an event in Lamoureux Park after the day of busking. Cornwall wants Buskerville to work. I know I do. Do you? Because if you can’t figure it out with a whole year to prep then my friend you never will. Excuses are for losers. Are you a loser?

    Humility is a great lesson. I know it’s helped me build a business and become number one in a city as an independent with some of the largest media corporations as my competition.

    You decide Chad what you want Buskerville to be and then maybe if you have the brains, courage, and dedication it will be something very special that we all can be proud of.

    Learn to work with others productively instead of lashing out like your medication ran out. Ask for help if you don’t know how to do something. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help.

    The ball is in your court.

  7. The ball is dead!!!!!!!!!!!! No more insults please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no need to explain myself to your terrible blog.

  8. Thank you Chad for clearing up who the rude lady Jamie was talking about. He was trying not to name names but you just couldn’t resist could you.

  9. Author

    And Chad thanks for starting that group about us – you’re a credit….

  10. I would be a tad upset too. Chad is right and the rest of you are idiots. You need a better web format and better writers. Haha Free news! There’s a few web pages in Cwall I will eat up in 2012. What a sad town for media reps.

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