Coffey’s Coffee Introduces Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to Cornwall and SD&G Ontario! Rare Coffee tasting August 12th at the Long Sault Farmer’s Market

Ingleside ON – Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee has capitulated to local coffee lover’s demands.   He roasts some of the finest coffee in the area, but has until this time stayed away from the higher end rare coffee’s of the world.

After sampling some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee recently he changed his mine and now will let local connoisseurs of fine Coffey put their money where their mugs are.

I am pleased to announce that Coffey’s Coffee now has a limited supply of Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate coffee. I know that I have stated on my web site that I wouldn’t encourage anyone to ask for the more premium coffees in the world such as Kona, Esmeralda, Kopi Luac or Jamaica Blue Mountain but I have bowed to customer pressure.
a bit more about Wallenford Estate Blue Mountain Coffee:
Jamaica Blue Mountain is the rarest and most sought after coffee in the world.Coffee was first introduced into Jamaica from the island of Hispaniola in 1728. But it wasn’t until the abolition of slavery on the British territory in 1838 when former slaves in the Blue Mountains began the cultivation of coffee. At the eastern end of the island of Jamaica is a majestic range of hill known as the Blue Mountains.
At elevations of up to 5,000 feet the terrain, the soil, the rainfall, and the thick Blue Mountain mist combine to create the perfect conditions for the cultivation of the World famous, most distinguished and most delicious Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.
Only coffee grown in this precise geographic region is certified “100” Jamaica Blue Mountain. Arabica Typica is the dominant variety with almost 90% of the planted area. This is a low yielding variety, but it produces the highest cup quality.
Now this is really exciting news!  Reg will be sampling some of his Blue Mountain coffee Friday August 12th at the Long Sault Farmer’s Market!  That’s right you can sample this rarest of coffee that sells for $45 dollars per pound (be there early as this is only while his supply lasts!)   Reg is at the Long Sault every Friday from 2-6 PM and you can also purchase or order his fine gourmet roasts at the Island Ink Jet store on 3rd Street in Cornwall (corner of Pitt across from the Royal Bank).
Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a single source of origin gourmet coffee grown only at high elevations by small family-run plantations in Jamaica. The Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate is a gem, grown in the highest mountains of Jamaica.
Its incredible fragrance, its sweetness and delicate aroma makes this a rare and sought after coffee that only a minority of consumers can still afford.
Here is a picture of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica from a trip I made in 2006.

As far as my cupping (flavour evaluation) goes, I found that I prefer a roast slightly darker than a full city roast (#13 – #14). I won’t describe the flavour notes that I found because tasting is a very personal thing as are the descriptive terms. If I said something was had a tangerine or a nutty note (which I find very pleasant) you might be turned off but you might interpret the flavour notes in terms you might find more pleasant.

As the commercial use to say, “Try it, you’ll like it”. If you are already a fan of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee then you can order it by calling, email or replying on my web site.
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  1. Will we ever have a coffee sampling in Cornwall in the future? Some of us are not mobile enough to get all the way to Ingleside?

  2. It is good stuff and worth the trip to Long Sault!

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