Sunday in the Magical Forest of Whispering Pines – What the Pixies and I talked about and how was your weekend? August 7, 2011

Faerie Forest ON – So what did you do this weekend dear viewers of The Cornwall Free News?  I had a crazy Friday and Saturday.     This job; just like any other has good elements and some not so good ones.   Part of my job is having to deal with people I’d normally not bother with; negative ones; hateful ones, petty people full of jealousy who’d rather rip someone down just because they can’t do what they want when they want.

It’s called life and I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve all dealt with some of these sorts.

So today it was important to take some time off and recharge the old batteries.    Detox.   Get rid of the negative and breathe in some fresh tree air and suck up some good vibes from Mother Earth which is what I did.

Oh I know I could’ve gone to the 200th Williamstown Fair and covered it or a few other events around, but the beautiful thing about The Cornwall Free News is that we don’t have to be all things to all of you.   There are other media to cover this story or that.   And if someone really wants they can send in some photos.   Maybe next year the Fair will even send us a press release to cover them?

So this afternoon, after doing as much work as I could cram in this morning, I hopped into the old flivver and headed over to Whispering Pines.   It was a perfect day.  It wasn’t too busy.   There were these amazing purple clouds in the sky and I just wandered around thinking my strange thoughts as the thunder rolled in and the rain started to pound.   And pound it did, mightily, but it was a lovely summer rain; warm, tasty, and it washed away a lot of negative residue and like the trees, I felt invigorated and ready to jump back into the pit of local politics and merriment.

I won’t have to grit my teeth to face a city council meeting Monday night or attend some politicking Monday morning.  I can smile and enjoy the ride.

No, today I thought a lot as this peaceful place induces thought.    Those trees like to ask questions and they don’t gossip.    So I walked through the normally sandy paths which were now streams of mud which felt good slooshing through my toes and heard some mighty powerful questions.    What am I afraid of in life?   What do I want to do when I grow up?  Where do I want to do it?    Why?

Those trees can talk up a storm once they get going…..

So I’m going to ask some of you those same questions; rhetorically mostly, but if some of you feel brave enough feel free to post your comments below.   I head back next week to Whispering Pines to cover The Open Mind Festival.   It should be a blast as they’re expecting a good sized crowd.

In the meanwhile we’re all still here if you’re reading this.   That’s a good thing.   I’ll keep filling these pages along with our amazing contributors, and you please keep sending in those emails to and let us know what you like and what you don’t.  What you want us to write about and what’s important to you, and we here will do our best to accommodate you because in the end we couldn’t do what we do without you.


Jamie Gilcig – Editor – Cornwall Free News

PS!   And yes, I shot these pics with ME2, my JVC Everio and simply edited in Picassa.   Amazing what some patience and lighting can do!

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  1. I also have a peaceful place out in nature where I kayak. It is an absolute de-stress-er. I worked today, (Sunday) so that at least for part of tomorrow, I can take off to float amongst the great blue herons, turtles and egrets. It also recharges my batteries, and infuses me with fuel for creativity. I highly recommend a similar activity to everyone.

    We run ourselves down, stress ourselves out, and must replenish our positive energy again in order to face the world.

    After all, it’s called re-creation for a reason.

  2. Author

    John you’ll have to send in some pix or do a story about your spot!

  3. see he is off the balance of life

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