Poppy Dinsey – What I Wore Today and More! From Surrey, to London, and now…Canada! August 8, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

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Cornwall ON –  Poppy Dinsey is having the time of her life.   The UK internet sensation has grabbed a lot of attention with her simple “Bridget Jones” quirkiness, hot looks, and concept of What I Wore Today.   Since January 2010 she stands in front of a mirror with her Vodaphone and snaps a shot of what she’s wearing today.   Her quirky witty fingers spin what’s going on with what she’s wearing and where she bought it.

It’s not all glam.  Some of it’s outrageously shiteous, but it’s Poppy having fun and being…Poppy.     She’s now doing interviews herself, and starting to get more into fashion and TV as well.    She’s an East Enders fan and I think a huge part of her appeal in the UK, and now growing world wide is that she’s a real woman.  Not a stick model, but a proud in her own skin except for the parts she doesn’t like woman with thoughts and opinions she seems quite fearless to share.

Photo courtesy of wiwt.com/

In this day of hyper sensationalized sex she breaks through past that and is building quite the audience who tune in each day to see What I Wore Today.   She’s amped up her use of Twitter ( http://twitter.com/poppyd) and social networking, and taken Blogging to the point where the Surrey native is in a situation where when she’s not covering Fashion Week in London she’s attending events and having the time of her life.

It all started in January 2010 when she decided to create WIWT.com and post a new outfit every day for a year which she did.    Now in 2011 it’s on to bigger and better and a new website roll out is in the beta process.

 And now that she has an audience her site has advertising, and she gets numerous requests to sample and wear clothing, jewellry, make up, and accessories.

Her trademark wearing of glasses also has had an impact amongst her audience.    I caught up with her in between appearances and entries where she shared that her Gran and family was from Canada!  Winnipeg to be precise (Poppy’s great grandfather was in the Canadian forces and fought in Europe both in WW1 and WW2.) and I asked some very lame questions of the internet sensation.

1)    When you started WIWT did you think it would lead you to where you are today? 
Definitely not, I thought it was a fun challenge to get me to wear more of the things I had piling up in my wardrobe. I didn’t think people would read it after the first few weeks.
2)   Is it all as glam and fun as you thought it would be, and what is the worst criticism or remark you’ve had dolloped at you?
It’s more hard work than glam and fun. There’s nothing glam about launching a start-up. Yeah, I get to meet cool people and go to fashion shows and whatnot – but it’s work. You’re always working. The buzz of working in a start-up is hard to beat though…and that *is* fun. I don’t want to say what the worst thing is I’ve had hurled at me, because I think people would be surprised by what hurts me most. You can’t let people know that shit.
3) What do you want to be when you grow up?  (not being snarky 🙂  )      Will you be doing WIWT ten years from now, twenty?  
I want to be a happy awesome Mum with happy awesome kids. I’m working obsessively now so I can (hopefully) work less later.
4)  Is being single really so bad?  Are you not having the time of your life with WIWT and the attention you get?
I don’t have the time at the moment to be a good partner. I only ever date equally busy people. I like having someone to text “OH MY GOD GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED” to…or someone to go to the cinema with or whatever, but I have hot sexy gorgeous friends who are boys. I can ogle at them.
5)  Dogs or Cats?
Pets are overrated. Fish and birds are where it’s at.
6)  Last book you read?  I notice you like to insert a song clip or two?  What would your Desert Island MP3’s top six songs be?
The Big Sleep – Raymond Chandler.

I really love music so Desert Island MP3s is too hard a question, it depends if I’m going to be relaxing on this island or raving or depressed or whatever.

And there you go!  To catch more of Poppy daily visit her on www.Wiwt.com or on Twitter: @PoppyD   Photos courtesy of Poppy Dinsey and www.wiwt.com

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