Call for Writers & Illustrators to work on Christmas E – Book! Click for Details! August 10, 2011 – Cornwall, Ontario

Cornwall ON – It’s only four and a half months until Christmas which means certain stores will have their displays out before September first!   Kidding.  I jest, but something I never jest about are good books, and I am very excited about E-Books and the technology available nowadays, so we here at The Cornwall Free News have decided to see if we can find some writers and illustrators who want to work on a book of short stories with a Christmas theme!

Half of the proceeds will go to a charity(s) to be named, and the other half will go to the contributors who wish to participate.    I’d like to match up writers with illustrators and come up with 12 Christmas themed stories which we’d deliver via e-Book in time for the holidays!

You don’t have to live locally to participate, or even in Canada.  You just have to be good!  So if this makes you all tingly and starting to wish for hot cocoa and a fireplace, email us at for the 411.

Let’s make some joy this holiday season!

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News & Seaway Media

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