Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark & Jim McDonell on Hydro Rates and the Samsung deal. August 10, 2011 – Morrisburg Ontario

Morrisburg ON –  Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark joined PC candidate for SD&SG Jim McDonell  in Morrisburg railing against high Hydro rates in Ontario and the Samsung deal that’s part of the Green Energy act Monday August 8th.

“It is outrageous that Dalton McGuinty is thumbing his nose at Ontario families who already cannot afford his expensive energy experiments.  Ontario families cannot afford Dalton McGuinty’s Samsung deal and FIT contracts.  That’s why Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party are offering families relief on October 6th.”
— Steve Clark, Ontario PC MPP, Leeds-Grenville
Mr. McDonell also had a statement in addition to the video we shot:

“On October 6th Ontario families have a chance to thumb their nose at Dalton McGuinty when they face a clear choice between Dalton McGuinty’s endless hydro hikes, or Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party who will give families relief.”

If you live in SD&SG is this issue of Hydro critical as Cornwall, the largest city in the riding has a deal with Quebec for its electricity?   You can post your comments below.
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  1. I am so glad that the Liberals take the high road. Of course this is possible due to a track record of success and making life better for families in Ontario. When I hear the rhetoric coming from the PCs and especially the panicked anger from Lisa MaCleod it is obvious that the PCs are unhappy with losing ground. I am sure this is just the start as people tune in more the election over the next month.
    In the end it is really quite simple. Do Ontarians want the PCs to cut services and put lives at risk again? NO.

  2. Simple logic: If we can’t afford it then who will pay for it? You cannot keep adding services for the public to pay for, there are some seniors who are losing their houses because they cannot afford the electricity. All of the other Fiberal efforts will only cost us, the taxpayers, more in the long run. Time to change provincial government and get those Conservatives in again!

  3. Hi everyone,

    I heard a funny quote that I thought represented much of what has happened in politics lately: “If you don’t stand for something then I guess you’ll fall for anything!” I beleive this statement to be so true in politics and especially in smaller communities like Cornwall. Voters believe their friends and rumours more than they actually know! Truthfully, people stop paying attention and caring until its far too late!

    McGuinty is a liar and that’s a fact! What ever happened to the Liquiforce jobs promised in 2007 fours later not a single one! McGuinty promises jobs this round and promised no tax increases last election! He is clearly a liar and needs to lose this election to humble and change the face of the Liberals!

    In my teens, I would have called myself a Liberal but as I become more educated and older I saw that my beliefs were much more in-line with the Conservative platforms! I am a true socialist and come from a family that continously needed social assistance!

    However, the best thing for our province and country is to ensure job growth! I strong workforce supports our social endeavours and no one can pay taxes if they aren’t either generating profits (successfull in business) or getting an income (employed)!

    “If Peter (us) is broke who is going to pay Paul (taxes)!

  4. Normally the Liberals rob Peter to pay Paul. It’s always been this way with this bunch.

  5. Normally it’s up to the Liberals to fix the financial mess that the conservatives get us into.

  6. I have no issue with some services being altered / reduced / or expanded if it makes sense and we can afford it. With the number of laws / regualtions / ploicies put in each year by the 3 levels of government, I would like to sem looked at as well to see if they are achievable / needed / affordable. I believe the PC’s are the ones consdiering somthing like that now. People are so quick to pick the worst case scenario, and I am thinking of the federal liberal ads telling us we will have aircraft carriers and soldiers with guns in the streets.Which didn’t pan out and the sun still came up the next day.

    Electricity cost is a big deal for Ontario families and business consumers. This is not the time to be putting in power transfer stations to fuel a few vehicals since we do not have the money and getting another credit card is not an option.

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