Reggie Walker back in Cornwall Ontario to Focus on Poverty and Plight of the Homeless – August 10, 2011

Cornwall ON – Reggie Walker visited Cornwall Ontario again to bring light to the plight of those most needy in our society; the homeless.   Reggie Walker is a character portrayed by Poverty activist Gary Samler.   Gary also ran for City Council on a poverty platform in the last municipal elections, but wasn’t elected.

For a city of nearly 50,000 people Reggie estimated that there were 150-200 homeless people which shows that while a problem like many cities experience indicates that Cornwall does a fairly good job with helping those in need.

Reggie did focus on the need for a drop in centre for the homeless and I can’t understand why the Agape Centre can’t provide that role?


Here is a link to Reggie’s first visit to Cornwall last year.

You can find Reggie and his home in a box around the Cornwall Ontario area until September.

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  1. Reggie Walker- Homeless Advocate
    Social Assistance Services in Ontario would be greatly improved if they actually worked to help the homeless, those living in poverty and those who cannot work due to disability who need their services, by making sure their clients are being looked after and taken care of, giving them what they need instead of following their guidelines that don’t work which gives the people nothing and always taking away.

  2. I do not understand why these people cannot be helped. Get them government subsidized homes & social assistance so they can be presentable for a job, then test those who are capable of working, help them achieve their goals improving their lifes. Ontario has programs for people who are not homeless to go back to school so why not for the homeless? For those who cannot work, they could donate a few hours to the agape center in return. This is not hard to do. It just takes commitment on the part of Cornwall and the Ontario government. I have heard stories of the homeless and some get there by bad luck. When I think of it, if I ever lost my job, not being entitled to unemployment, I could end up on the streets within a couple months myself. No one ever talks about what happens to these people in the deep cold in winter either.

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