Unusual Bike Wash Raises Money for Cornwall Ontario Hospice – August 15, 2011

Cornwall ON –  There’s no bad way to raise money.   In these days of hustle, bustle, no courtesy or respect it’s great to see someone take initiative or simply call someone’s bluff and bet! 🙂   When I was pinged on Facebook to come cover a charity bike and car wash with the enticement that their “neighbor would be wearing a bikini” the first thing I asked was if he wore it well?

Sure enough when I got to Alice Street in the East End of Cornwall Ontario, I and the crowd milling around had a laugh for a great cause.   I’m not sure how much money Sylvain Lefebvre and his friends and family raised, but there were people coughing up $20’s and $50’s after the bet was taken and it was a lovely day for fashion and bike washing as the promised storms stayed away till nightfall!

Sylvain on Video!


If you wish to add to his amount email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com and we’ll put you in touch.    What did you do Sunday?   You can send in your photos or videos and if they’re as entertaining as Mr. Lefebvre’s we just might publish it too!

Wine Kitz




  1. Now this is a great story! We need more people to stretch their comfort zones, and their cloths, for a worthwhile charity. Congratulations Sylvain on being creative for a good cause…. but you should retire your ensemble.

  2. Ty Reg indeed out of the comfort zone but I hope more ppl see this n donate in my name.As for the attire or lack of it trust me I retired it the same day Thank you for ur support all.

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